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  • dochollywoodlake dochollywoodlake Jan 10, 2006 12:38 PM Flag

    Same old hype------

    What news is there. Some results paid by them. How many patients were studied? Who paid for the results. How many false positives. What was the positive predictive value. Sensitivity alone is meaningless unless large numbers and total results are presented. It is a way for people with options and warrant to make money on a fast rise.

    It hasn't even been published yet it is hyped. No one has reviewed the data except the company?

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    • Lots of buying again on Level II.

    • wrong you are or dishonest, I'm not sure. I, by the way first bought in 3s, then 4s then 1s, so I've been around awhile. I've done quite a bit of research, was lucky I met with a medical research person today as I didn't know this news would be now. VC is limited and likely won't be used except in certain situations as it has too many false potential referrals to colonoscopy for polyps. And really, do you take all your investment advice from Fox News, that's LMYOROTFuckingfunny, like haha funny. I've been wrong but I haven't been dishonest, take my words for what they are worth, which is little on this bored, butt do du the research and math.

    • New investors buying at these levels are getting roped in the same way longs did in the past before the death spiral. You think it sounds great right, a sure winer, a non-evasive method of screeening for colon cancer. Ha, LOL, I know I've been there too. Really, it sounds great. But the truth is insurance won't cover it, doctors have scoffed at it, and make more money performing colonoscopy's, which is covered by insurance, and patinets don't want to crap in a jar and then wrap it up, mail it to a lab, and wait for results that will ultimately require to have a colonoscopy anyway. Why spend $500 in cash for a test that will only reveal that you "may" or "may not" have cancer, and should probably have a colonoscopy anyway. Pre-Gen is completely unneccesary. They don't even have money to market the thing. What a joke.

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