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  • kirkydu kirkydu May 16, 2006 11:07 AM Flag

    du disclaimer

    I'm long this company as are my clients. I don't trade much and am mostly holding a long term position. I make fun of technical traders because I believe that technical analysis should really be used to enter a long term position that you have done all the fundamental analysis on, not to guess short term market moves. I understand some technical traders do well. The IRS, various publications, studies, people I respect and my observations have convinced me that most technical traders don't du well.

    Du your own research or go pay for good advice (which in my humble opinion means an investment advisor with an economics background or similar, not some uneducated sales hack who would sell cars or widgets in a different time). I'm just some guy as are everyone else on the internet.

    I'd love you to buy this stock and drive the price up. I'd be even happier if we all made some loot on something that might save a lot of lives. Good luck. Make good choices.

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    • Kirydu, I am curious. What firm do you work for? I was a financial advisor for ML for many years but now I own a small business.

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      • a large independent in the midwest. I'm careful with what I say here or any other board, but I'm honest. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong. My advisory clients and some brokerage clients (don't have many of those anymore, once they have $75k moved to IA side) own EXAS at around $3. I might buy more as I think this is a market and boredom driven price decline. We'll see. I don't overweight spec stocks, even though I think the upside on this one is pretty good and is unlikely to be an outright loser in my opinion. Just putting some gains into this and a few others (ckcm, coms, eslr, nfld, oegy.ob, utsi, vimc) looking for a few biggies, a few littlies and avoid outright losers. Usually works if I do my research right. I shorted the S&P 500 at 1308, so we'll see how that goes too.

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