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  • shaelyn_54 shaelyn_54 Mar 14, 2008 2:38 PM Flag

    I'll ask EB...maybe he will answer me

    Pro said "This company is worth much more to a multi-national diagnostic company like Roche, Abbott,JNJ, Becton-Dickinson, etc." The quickest way to get this technology to market, and to monetize future growth is to sell the company now. The company must be sold to the highest bidder after letting ALL interested parties have at least 30 days to fully investigate the opportunity."

    Hi EB...I've been trying to get Pro to answer me, but he hasn't yet, so I thought I would ask you for your opinion. After reading Pro's post about possible buyouts, I was just wondering if you knew if there is anything in the "works" for an EXAS buyout. If not, how long does something like that take? Are investors/shareholders privileged to this info and if so, are there any kind of rules in place that would prevent investors/shareholders from selling for, say, at least 30 days after a buyout?

    Maybe these questions are dumb to everyone, but I haven't owned my shares for very long, as they were left to me by a friend who passed away. I apologize in advance.

    Thanks EB,


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    • Hi Shaelyn,
      No need to apologize.
      First of all I agree with Pro, unless management can pull a rabbit out of a hat. The problem is, I question if management could even find a hat. As I see it, the best way to get value out of EXAS is to sell the company.
      I do not know if anything is in the works but I would imagine some are sniffing around. These things can happen very quickly. 30-90 days if the board hires an investment banker, to solicit buyers. Any person privileged to information may not act on that information. Management may announce to the public that the company is up for sale or that someone is interested. You may sell your shares in the open market before the sale or wait and tender them to the buyer. You as a shareholder may ask the board to place the company up for sale. The BOARD is suppost to act in the best interest of all shareholders. That is the law...I hope this helps.
      Sorry about your friend.


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