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  • westcliffebob westcliffebob Feb 21, 2009 6:12 PM Flag

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    I went to EXAS web-site. Very impressive!!!!! They have 14 employees:-) 5 are executives (they don't earn their keep) Uh--let me get my calculator---uh--that leaves 9 employees----oh, they secretary and assistant sec.--that leaves seven? Uh I'll double check---yup --it's seven----and a maintance man and a landscaper--that leaves five? Then there's the cafeteria worker and dishwasher--that leaves three. One lone person left. You think there's three left? WRONG!!! You and Stoob are on the payroll.


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    • Or, it could easily drift to 6 dollars (like last year) which by MY math is about 600%

    • What a dope you really are. EXAS will chew through that 25 million with BOD salaries,executive payouts and fu#k dopes like you until the stock hits zero. To sat that this stock has little risk because the price is near the cash per share is a stupid statement when you are only talking about 20+ million. This Pos could easily drift back to 40 cents and by my math that would be a loss of apprx. 55%.

    • Don't forget the guy running the printing press, cranking out fresh dilutive shares daily to send off to GENZ. That is a full-time job.
      "Exact Sciences said in a brief statement it was pursuing a "strategic alternative" that its board believes will offer greater value to shareholders than the Sequenom deal. The statement did not elaborate."
      LOL! Yes, massive dilution and the divestment of core pipeline technology has been great for shareholders. I guess the "elaboration" that was missing was EXAS mgt's belief that the money generated for bonuses and salaries to keep them employed would be a boon for shareholders, based on their splendid track record of generating returns on shareholder investments.

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