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  • chas1232123 chas1232123 Jul 15, 2009 8:39 AM Flag

    Facts about EXAS

    Some summaries of facts about EXAS have just become available.

    CDrucker just pointed out Mike Havrilla posted a new extensive summary of EXAS. Here's the link:

    Also, in response to an inquiry from someone new to the board, I also posted links to past posts summarizing the bullish case for EXAS. Since it was inside a chain of posts where it might easily be missed (I think a lot of us skip quickly through the large number of junk posts these days), I provide the link here:


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    • <He is not dumb,>

      . . . why thank you, stanky . . .

      <just an idiot>

      . . . are you tring to confuse me?, lol . . .

      . . . my prediction is a slow drift down 1.50-2.00 by october, and sub 1.- in december . . .

      . . . when i called it capped at 3.- you called me an idiot then too, didn't you . . . your .03 farther posts are funny, but if it drops down will you post the corrected math? . . . or do i have to do that post? . . .

    • <To answer your stupid question, both Mike and Pro could be correct on the pps q>

      . . . i thought i asked YOUR opinion on the time frame, maybe i misspoke, i'll try again

      you expect a 10 handle WHEN?
      you expect a 200 handle WHEN?

      <The 8.2 million is going to all the things any company spends money on....employees, equipment, tests, Lawyers, insurance, R&D...>

      . . . my bad, i thought that's what the 20 mil was for . . . i guess they needed 28 total, or just 8 more? . . . i don't know . . .

    • i live in the hills, not the city, no i don't work there . . . 'cmon, even i know i couldn't handle a 9-5 day job . . . i think onlypro is paying a room to bash, if you're not in the room so be it, it was just a guess . . .

    • He is not dumb, just an idiot who has nothing better to do than post the same crap on EXAS board over and over and over and...well, you get the idea. Bottom line is yes EXAS may have to raise a few more mil but it will be substantially less than what SQNM has raised and SQNM will be going back for more...if they even are in existance in 12 months!

      PS. Living idiot, when do you see EXAS going back to sub 1.00? Just curious.

    • No you were not, you were spinning as usual!

      To answer your stupid question, both Mike and Pro could be correct on the pps q

      The 8.2 million is going to all the things any company spends money on....employees, equipment, tests, Lawyers, insurance, R&D... get it?

    • Wrong again numb nuts. Much further north.

      Everyone of you SQNM posters thinks Pro is the only one that thinks you're scumbags, so everyone that points out over and over how dumb you are MUST also be PRO.

      The fact that you live in San Diego MUST mean you work for SQNM!

    • mike and kenny are your two biggest bulls, talking their respective books . . . this is a great summary of where EXAS stands and their future plans . . .


      cash for one year only
      the test groups are not started yet
      PPS call of 6.-, not 200.-

      havilla is a blogger, not an analyst . . .

      . . . so follow mike and kenny if you want . . . maybe someday a proven analyst will review this company . . .

      • 1 Reply to livingofftheequity2
      • living - I think you missed a couple of points.

        In addition to the $8 million recently raised, last January EXAS sold IP outside their core area to GENZ for over $20 million, but chose to book most of it over several years, so the cash to last 1 year remark doesn't ring completely true. Frankly, another moderate dillution would not be a big deal for most of us, as long as we stay on course.

        And you don't mention any indication of the size of the market, and the probability of winning substantial market share with superior IP that is the compelling reason to own EXAS.

        Your posting history shows you are a long time SQNM poster, very frequently bashing on the EXAS board. You are counter-punching Pro, as I believe you remarked, even though you are more subtle than some of your fellow bashers, and occasionally bring up a fact or two. I doubt you're achieving your true goal of getting back at Pro, since I believe he has you on ignore.

    • Thank you Sir for responding to my request. I replied to it in the other thread.


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