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  • wiscman613 wiscman613 Oct 13, 2010 6:37 PM Flag

    Cramer, shorts, and options expiration Friday

    As usual, the whore Cramer shows up to pump the stock after it has almost doubled in the past 6 weeks. With options expiration on Friday, and Cramer pumping EXAS, we should see a nice rally the rest of the week.

    I laughed watching Cramer pump EXAS. He was coughing and could hardly even read his teleprompter. Nothing about Mayo Clinic's involvement, nothing about how the test works, not much about the game changing pre-cancer potential. Nothing about using TWTI technology developed while KC was there. He obviously knows nothing about the company, but merely was reading what someone has written for him.

    The board will be overrun with even more pumpers now, but those who know the story of EXAS and have been around awhile will hold for the long term. They will be the ones who reap the biggest rewards, not the in and outers who follow Cramer like lemmings.

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    • I agree that I would rather stick with discussing the merits of EXAS - you were the one who started throwing stones. And the idea that I want to "draft off your reputation" is laughable and unbelievably arrogant. Did you not read my sentiments about you.

      Your introduction of Duggan to EXAS is interesting. My connections to EXAS are far closer than most and closer than you could imagine. The next time you speak to Mr. Conroy why don't you ask him, just for fun, what he knows about PCYC and how he came to know it. If you want to comment on PCYC in the future, why don't you do it over on their board; I'm sure they could use your expertise. And please note the paucity of comments from me. I am not in the pumping game.

      So now if you finally want to stick to discussing the company at hand, that is great. I have absolutely no interest in your opinions about PCYC. And frankly, my knowledge of this company, the management team and the science involved needs no further elucidating. Thank you.

    • testing

    • Never in my life "pumped" SQNM. I only said it didn't make sense that the CEO would be buying the stock at near $20 while he knew the tests were bad. I never in my life attempted to talk anyone into buying that or any other stock. Calling me a pumper is absurd. As far as the "cramer effect" , that man is an idiot and unless you are trading EXAS short term . it will have nothing to do with where it's price will be a year from now. Cramer mentioned the other day to buy silver ETF's rather than Silver Wheaton(SLW). The ETF's (whick I own) are actually pretty risky because there's no proof they have the silver. He doesn't like SLW becuase it has been an "under performer. " I bought the stock in late 2008 at $5 . It went to $3.50 and today is trading at $28.50. Hmmmm..real under performer.

      Also... it doesn't "hurt me" to see EXAS at $9. If you check my posts when the stock was around $2.90 , I think I posted when I bought it. Not a lot...4,000 shares. Just enough to pay some taxes in a few years

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      • Rawputz, You were one of the few EXAS bashers that I remember well, because you were constantly telling us to sell out to SQNM.

        Seriously, for you to come here and claim to be some benign person is simply comical.......

        Did you have electro-shock therapy that destroyed your memory, or are you just on powerful medication, because there is NO way that WE would forget you.

        Your opinion was worthless then, and it is the same today.

        Cramer is a self made guy, and he has given away more money than you will ever make.

        Sure he's a clown, that is entertainment, and that is his excuse. What is yours?

        As for being an idiot, YOU have documented evidence in the yahoo system concerning EXAS, and are in NO position to criticize anyone regarding this stock.

        Cramer has planted his flag in EXAS, and I think he will play with this stock over the long term, because being a long term BULL on EXAS will be a large feather in his cap.

        If Cramer advises his minions to own some EXAS for the long term, that will only provide more support for the stock price over the long term.

        Cramer may send the shares down slightly from time to time, when they get way ahead of themselves, but that will only happen if the shares are trading above his target of $20, IMO.

        Adam Feurstein knows the EXAS story, and he will keep Cramer advised concerning the progress towards my long term target of well over $100/share.


    • Whatever one thinks of Cramer...he gave us 0.40 more cents per share...and, that's OK with me.

    • I bought glw at 1.40 a handful of years back...cramer started pumping it when it was $17.00 He's always a day late. But he did call EXAS a short term $20.00

    • Ck. out Biorunup and havrilla spamming the board with their new pay site since making some $ off EXAS.

    • HOW MANY MORE SHARES WILL THERE BE ???????????????????

    • JIM SAID WILL BE SELLING NEW SHARES OVER THE NEXT 6 MONTHS, THAT SHOULD BE A BIG POP LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wis, Despite the cursory statements, this is good news for EXAS, and its shareholders.

      What EXAS needs is more public awareness, and this will help get more retail folks involved.

      The more people who look closely at EXAS, the more will appreciate its spectacular management team, the incredible technology, and the HUGE potential market.

      The higher the stock price, the less the dilution from the financing AFTER the validation study is announced by the esteemed Mayo Clinic.

      In this instance, Cramer is helping a good company, that will create a great test, and save thousands from a horrible cancer death.

      Look for the valuation disparity between SQNM and EXAS to narrow, as EXAS moves UP dramatically BEFORE the validation study.

      Look for EXAS to continue moving up after the validation study.

      Look for a short pause for a few days during the secondary offering.

      Then look for EXAS to continue moving up through the JP Morgan conference in January.

      More importantly, Over the LONG term look for EXAS to become a performer along the lines of ISRG!

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      • ggraham14 Oct 14, 2010 10:55 PM Flag

        Just as an aside, Robert Duggan was responsible for ISRG. He is now in charge of a small biotech in which he has invested tons of his own money, mostly from selling ISRG shares. This little company, Pharmacyclics, PCYC, has already moved in very similar fashion to EXAS. I put it out to all of you to look at because of its huge upside potential. Cancer drugs.

        Just in case I need credibility on this board, which I don't care about, I was heavily invested in TWTI when KC took that over and rode that one from the mid $2's up to the Hologic buyout.

        I congratulate all of you who have owned this stock since KC took over and just wanted to give you another interesting other company to look at, since ISRG was mentioned...

      • pro...I agree with your points and hope for the next ISRG, but do not think highly of Cramer. If he was talking about EXAS two months ago after the last results were released and the stock was $4.50 or so, I would have some respect for him. It is easy for Cramer and his people to talk about biotech and pull out the best performers over the past few months.

        Any exposure EXAS gets I am all for, but don't like the quick traders who make money off of Cramers recommendations.

        I am all in for the long term and have a high level of confidence in the company, its technology, and most importantly, its management.

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