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  • pro4amrn pro4amrn Oct 13, 2010 6:56 PM Flag

    Cramer, shorts, and options expiration Friday

    Wis, Despite the cursory statements, this is good news for EXAS, and its shareholders.

    What EXAS needs is more public awareness, and this will help get more retail folks involved.

    The more people who look closely at EXAS, the more will appreciate its spectacular management team, the incredible technology, and the HUGE potential market.

    The higher the stock price, the less the dilution from the financing AFTER the validation study is announced by the esteemed Mayo Clinic.

    In this instance, Cramer is helping a good company, that will create a great test, and save thousands from a horrible cancer death.

    Look for the valuation disparity between SQNM and EXAS to narrow, as EXAS moves UP dramatically BEFORE the validation study.

    Look for EXAS to continue moving up after the validation study.

    Look for a short pause for a few days during the secondary offering.

    Then look for EXAS to continue moving up through the JP Morgan conference in January.

    More importantly, Over the LONG term look for EXAS to become a performer along the lines of ISRG!

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    • pro...I agree with your points and hope for the next ISRG, but do not think highly of Cramer. If he was talking about EXAS two months ago after the last results were released and the stock was $4.50 or so, I would have some respect for him. It is easy for Cramer and his people to talk about biotech and pull out the best performers over the past few months.

      Any exposure EXAS gets I am all for, but don't like the quick traders who make money off of Cramers recommendations.

      I am all in for the long term and have a high level of confidence in the company, its technology, and most importantly, its management.

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      • <<<"Any exposure EXAS gets I am all for, but don't like the quick traders who make money off of Cramers recommendations.">>>

        Wis, There are a lot more long term investors out there than you think, if they feel the upside is worth being patient for.

        This is NOT about Cramer or whether some short termers start trading the stock.

        The REAL point is to get EXAS exposure, so that more people will do some serious DD.

        The short term traders provide liquidity which is also a good thing.

        "Its all good!"

        Enjoy the ride, and I hope everyone in Wisconsin benefits from the diligent work of the team at EXAS...... EXAS will create some serious revs for the state coffers in a few years, after it has burned through the NOLs.

      • Usualy most of the Cramer "appreciation" happnes before he pumps the stock. It must be that enough people know ahead of time. Often what you see if a little more upward action and then some selling. In the end , it probably is good for EXAS , in the aspect that pro mentions. It will get some investers familiar with the stock. Howver as far as appreciation , I don't think it will mean that much. The guy is a total bozzo.

      • i had been trying to get pr for us for the past couple of months with him and sent messages to his cnbc mailbox to do a segment on exas. but he did not. not sure why...his own guy AF at has liked it since he met with KC and was impressed (i believe the pps was around $4 at the time).
        cramer is like a set of training wheels for the newbies. he knows that. the guy's extremely sharp but he's not directing his message at people like the ones who have been on this mb. most of us here are light years beyond cramer's typical audience member for MM. but as pro said, he's great pr. glad he's promoting us. now we just have to get the FM crowd engaged. we'll all have a chuckle when adami says he's bearish on exas and prefers buying a healthcare play like JnJ. at least najarian will most likely think exas is a good bullish options play. i like him better anyway.

    • ggraham14 Oct 14, 2010 10:55 PM Flag

      Just as an aside, Robert Duggan was responsible for ISRG. He is now in charge of a small biotech in which he has invested tons of his own money, mostly from selling ISRG shares. This little company, Pharmacyclics, PCYC, has already moved in very similar fashion to EXAS. I put it out to all of you to look at because of its huge upside potential. Cancer drugs.

      Just in case I need credibility on this board, which I don't care about, I was heavily invested in TWTI when KC took that over and rode that one from the mid $2's up to the Hologic buyout.

      I congratulate all of you who have owned this stock since KC took over and just wanted to give you another interesting other company to look at, since ISRG was mentioned...

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