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  • ggraham14 Oct 14, 2010 10:55 PM Flag

    Cramer, shorts, and options expiration Friday

    Just as an aside, Robert Duggan was responsible for ISRG. He is now in charge of a small biotech in which he has invested tons of his own money, mostly from selling ISRG shares. This little company, Pharmacyclics, PCYC, has already moved in very similar fashion to EXAS. I put it out to all of you to look at because of its huge upside potential. Cancer drugs.

    Just in case I need credibility on this board, which I don't care about, I was heavily invested in TWTI when KC took that over and rode that one from the mid $2's up to the Hologic buyout.

    I congratulate all of you who have owned this stock since KC took over and just wanted to give you another interesting other company to look at, since ISRG was mentioned...

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    • If you are so smart and familiar with TWTI, then why have we NOT seen you here before now?

      I think PCYC is NOT even close to a similar situation as EXAS.

      Furthermore, I think PCYC is going DOWN!

      Insiders are SELLING, while you are PUMPING!

      Don't go away mad, Just go away!

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      • I am, in fact, very knowledgeable about the former TWTI. I don't post much. I don't have the need to get affirmation from a bunch of people I don't know. I post only when I think I have something of substance to offer. PCYC is not the same story as EXAS; different companies, different niches. However, from the perspective of the stock history and price; and the companies floundering before a change in management and big runup following; they are, in fact, very similar. I am not here pumping anything. I have been reading the board for a while. You have an audience here and you clearly enjoy that. Fine. I have no problems with that. I was simply offering an idea for anyone interested to look into. PCYC will sail without anyone here buying a few shares. You are all irrelevant to what happens to that company. Just my magnanimous side getting the better of me. And you wrote about ISRG. You must know who Robert Duggan is, right? Given your vast investment acumen.

        Finally, it is clear to me one of the reasons there is so much sludge on this board. You are a very irritating personality. You find fault and argue with even those who love this company and are well-invested. No doubt you have done your DD, but you must like the irrelevant banter that comes your way from the "haters." Because you promote it with all your nonsense. I am tempted to continue posting just to irritate you. Don't worry. I won't. Many better things to do with my time.

        ...and if you had any idea how much I know and about whom I know, you would shut your trap right away. Not that any of this will make any difference to you... Goodbye. Maybe I'll write back when PCYC is higher. Maybe not. p.s. PCYC is down short term most likely because of options expiration. But you already knew that right?

        Good luck to Kevin and this company he has turned around.

      • Oh and Insiders are not selling. You're the one spouting hyperbole. Nice.

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