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  • clinical_fraud clinical_fraud Oct 4, 2012 10:42 AM Flag


    What in the world was going through my head. I havent' made a DIME in this EXAS PIG for going on 6 months now. What gives heree?? All these BOBBLE HEADED PUMPERS and CLOWNS talking about anything but the fact; this stock has been nothing more than BOB between 9.00 and 11.50 for MONTHS. ( Like a fool, I listened to these pumpers and bought at 11.40)

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • well you poor boy since when do you expect to make money in 6 months in a developmental biotech ... please enjoy you basher revenue from my response .. please sell us your shares
      ps your not "like a fool" you are one

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I hope you're not talking to people like me? I'VE MADE LOADS OF MONEY IN EXAS, but I just HAD TO get out. I hope to come back soon, but the shares are FULLY VALUED IMO. If there is a good routing, perhaps I will get back in but if not, no worries! In my humble opinion, once we have earnings the market can justify this kind of multiple, but not a minute sooner. Remember, many here, like Eggs_came_First, Msteven and myself, got in at prices well below 1 dollar!!! Would YOU PUT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN FOUND MONEY AT RISK??? NO! Of course you would not. Im HAPPY that Im out - I'll leave the future profits to the real "experts" - like YOU - ROFL....

    • You are nothing but a CLOWN.
      Just another disgruntled #$%$ that is short from much lower levels.
      You've never been long a single share of EXAS in your life.
      Get lost LOSER.

    • Hey #$%$ it's doubled for me twice already.... late to the party???

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      • You got that right Kleeno,
        Every last drop of punch has been sucked out of this party bowl and boy was it a good one. I got in with Mstevens at .58c and have made 2000% on my money. For the life of me I can't understand how gullible some people are. They show up a day late and a dollar short and whine! Cant they see that a 2000% rise for the stock in a company that has yet to earn dollar one is more than we could have even prayed for? Yep, it's been good, but alas I'm afraid that the only way we're going to see a double in this stock is if it drops in half first!

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