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  • quantifeye quantifeye Oct 10, 2012 6:34 PM Flag

    Only ONE top dog ponied up more than 5 bucks a share!

    Some paid nothing at all for their shares and most nearly ALL of the others bought their shares BELOW 5.00 !!! THINK ABOUT IT!!!
    Why aren't they buying more shares way up here in the 11's if it's such great bargain?

    I think we all KNOW the answer..... (the 'show' is over for now)

    Full Disclosure: I have no position in EXAS nor do have have plans to initiate one within the next 72 hours.

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    • You do not seem acquainted with how to launch a biomedical company? Most of the top employees get early stock options to offset the higher salaries they could get at established, larger firms. It is part of the basic business model of tech startups. I hope that the officers and employees of EXAS get very rich on their "cheap" stock because it means that I will make significant profits with their success. I have been adding to my postion at any price under $11.70. My DCF anlaysis of revenue projections yields intrinsic valuations of $30-$70. I believe that the stock will move towards $30 as it hits milestones over the next several months. Why don't you publish facts and analysis instead of seemingly non-relevant comments?

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      • 2 Replies to senior6analyst
      • Because he's an idiot. You have to treat an idiot like the child he/they are. There is no reasoning with a fool.

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      • Really? Thank you "Doctor" for this "Expert" Anal-isis! Go back and learn the meaning of the word "INTRINSIC" and you will see that as to date, this company has NO "intrinsic" value save the value of the patents they bought 8 years ago and have raised (and spent) HUNDREDS of MILLIONS to prove. If having the right to scam the public by selling stock based on this story of hope (in the battle against cancer) over and over and over again constitutes "Intrinsic Value", then I suppose you're on to something. On the other hand, please find me the bank or the quant model that can #$%$ this, please let me know. I'll approach them for my next big deal (not). In my opinion they should be prosecuted. BTW: Love the $30-$70 valuation you came up with? Did you pull these numbers out of thin air? or was it your posterior orifice? Shameful, simply shameful. On that basis, I give this company a value of $1.35 to 2.75 per fully diluted FUTURE - POST NEXT PIPE PLACED Share! It's been a pleasure dialoguing with a "real" expert! fffffppppbbbbbwwwwwaaaaaahahaahahahhaa!!!

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    • I am afraid you are not acquainted with starting a biomedical firm? Many of the top employees get stock options to offset lower salaries they could get at large established firms. That is the nature of the business model. I hope the officers and employees get rich at EXAS, which will make me significant profits. I have been adding to my position whenever the stock is under $11.50. Again, DFC valuations of projected revenues yields an intrinisc valuation of $30-$70 for this stock as they progress on milestones IMPO. Why don't you deal with the facts and present your analysis? I strongly believe that the stock is undervalued and will move towards $30 per share in the next few months.

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    • Shameful, these charlatans should be put in jail for this turnkey pump N dump medical scam that's only 88% accurate. That's not a CURE rate folks, that's their accuracy rate! Would you put you life on the line for an inaccurate test? NO, of course you wouldn't.

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    • You sound like a desperate short.
      You also sound like you don't understand that the CEO is sitting on top of 2.5 million shares in stock option grants. Other members of the management team, as well.

      Please let me know when you take a basic college course in Finance.
      Maybe then, you'll actually have some credibility.

    • Explain the 42,000 plus shares that moved AH at 4:04pm at 11.66 a share. Yawn. Give it up before you lose everything.

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