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  • egg_came_first egg_came_first Oct 23, 2012 1:09 PM Flag

    Added 14,000 at $9.01 This AM

    Glad I didn't jump in at 12+ like those poor fools who listend to Living and Mstevens.
    Good Show Fellas! Won't you come clean now and apologize to the simpletons who followed you down this rat hole? Next time, maybe they'll listen to me. It's safe to go in the water - we hit a near 50% correction point from the long term and solid base between $6.00 -7.00 - and that's what I've been waiting for. Now guys. Now. 9.18 as I post

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    • Smart move Egg Man. LOL! But you had to know that Mstevens and all of her chump aliases were going to come out of the woodwork to give you crap for calling her on her REPEATED bad calls. She is nearly ALWAYS on the right side of WRONG!! LOL! Gotta love the hypocrisy too. First she calls down the farker poster for all of his supposed aliases, and then has the audacity to post here under multiple ID's herself. You do realize that outside of you, me, farker and her, there are only around 4 other people who post here. The rest are all Mstevens and Farker. Any who, congratulations on your 9 buck buyin - good call. I'll be watching closely. While I do have a long position on at the moment, I wont be letting it turn into a loss, rest assured.

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    • I think this board has already proved you're nothing more than a little punk from sqnm who lost all his cash. You don't have any $ for EXAS, NOW GET LOST.

    • I got in at $2.86, who's the fool???? Living and Mstevens has been here a while too. I wouldn't classify them as fools.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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