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  • egg_came_first egg_came_first Dec 12, 2012 5:24 PM Flag

    Did Somebody Say Zynga?

    Or did they even mention that the symbol is ZNGA?
    Was it "pro" or somebody else?
    Whoever it was, I just want to say Thanks!
    I will be parking my CLSN profits there until it's time to invest in EXAS again. (probably around Q1 of 2015).
    And Thank You Pro for your Celsion call at 2.45, I cashed out with over 300% in profits today at 8.70, all the while gangreen was forming on my EXAS position (pity). Anyway Pro, you've been the best, really!
    So,Im off to the races with ZNGA now. They've got a billion in cash and their CEO, while not very popular with the bagholders, has a track record for big FAST wins and he's long over due in my opinion. Online Gaming is soon to include Online Gam(bl)ing! Count me in and...
    Wish me luck!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • yeah, one of me mentioned ZNGA too. Their online gaming has a lot of potential.

    • You have to be kidding with the CLSN. Sure you timed it perfectly. The run-up of CLSN was not predictable based upon the science, in fact the best analysts were spot on that TDX would fail. Therefore, the "pro" was just guessing, or worse, was making a prediction based upon poor and scant data. The fact that it failed means anyone who played the run-up and won was just lucky, not actually good. Unfortunately, for 99.9% of traders who gamble their luck eventually runs out

      Do you need to be reminded that this is the EXAS board. It is clear the shorts are desperate here since this used to be one of the better Yahoo MBs.

      • 2 Replies to shorting_the_3rd
      • shorting the 3rd, I agree with your assessment, They were lucky. Luck plays such a large role in windfalls of all sorts does it not. Sure, there are ways to make money slow and steady, but in the short run, the greater the risk, the greater the reward...or loss. One think you may not be aware of however, is that the "shorts" here aren't shorts at all, rather they are posters from other message boards who were lured here by EXAS board regulars retaliating for the negative posts of a single individual. What they achieved was retaliation in turn, in droves.

    • Congratulations dude. Your call from 2 months ago was spot on!!

    • Be CAREFUL with ZNGA Egg!
      IF you by 10,000 shares, it's going to cost you around 26,000 dollars. And IF it only does a 50% retracement to the highs of this past April (15.00) then it will come to a screeching halt at around 9.00 and change. The horrible part is that you will only make a 300% return on your money! That would be bad. AND You would have to pay TAXES on 78,000 dollars. That would be VERY bad !!! No?
      Do NOT buy this horrible ZNGA stock Egg. I DO NOT LIKE IT Sam I AM. I do not like it served with SPAM, I DO NOT LIKE IT IN A CAN, I DO NOT LIKE IT SAM I AM!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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