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  • crapnebula crapnebula Dec 18, 2012 9:35 PM Flag

    My current target for this MONGREL is:

    Why do you ASSUME that my intentions were those of a short? I am not in the "buy and hold" camp as most of the regulars here already know. I was in fact in the process of reversing my position yesterday and sincerely was looking for someone to offer THEIR explanation as to why the reversal we experienced took place (other than chart formation) . My thoughts being, in other words, "give me a reason to want you back" (EXAS), as the only thing I've been going on when timing my long and short positions are the time frame prior to test results, the burn rate (currently inconsequential) and....the chart. If there are fundamental issues and developments that I don't know about, then I welcome any and all explanations, rationales, opinions etc, , long or short , for those who would voice them in this public forum, before I go long (in this instance). In the absence of such, I simply went long and posted my reason why today - the chart. Nothing more. Still, I wouldn't have entered the long side had anyone given a credible argument against doing so. No one did - not you, even though you suspect I am a short, offered any credible, notable argument against going long or short for that matter. Usually , I take the short trade as you know, because that is where my comfort zone is whenver I see an exhaustion pattern on the chart. No body likes to hear me bring the doubt and the criticism, but they do know which side of the fence Im on at that moment. When I'm long, they know as well. Let there be no doubt about it, I have nothing to apologize for nor to hide. I could care less about this stock or this company other than as a vehicle to profit by. I am here to stimulate my nerves and my mind, to argue and to make money - and I usually DO, to the everpresent chagrin of MS.

    Finally, I am attempting to enter into a reasonable dialog here, replete with respectful discourse, however, if you would prefer, I can simply go back to the petty squabbling and name calling that is the hallmark of the TROLLS who dominate this board. The choice, of course, is yours ?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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