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  • aye_opener aye_opener Jan 14, 2013 3:30 PM Flag

    Its a shame the lunatics on this board shorted CLSN at 6.00


    My apology to anyone who listened to these doper babys and bought EXAS instead of CLSN at 3,4,5,6,7,8,and now 9.13c at this moment. ALL while EXAS Sold down off of 12.20 to where it is today. CAN YOU SAY CORN H&LED? Im sure Living and Mstevens will be the last to apologize to you, yet it's increasingly apparent - they should be the first!

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    • If you're talking about ME here? then you are the imbecile of record. I SOLD my CLSN in the high 8's and low 9's. I made it a rule long time ago to sell all but a small position during a run up prior to a binary event. Investors here should be mostly out of EXAS right now for this same reason. You on the other hand shorted CLSN as I recall. While I was buying in the 2's and 3's, fool that you are; you shorted. No wonder you're such a sour bitter camper today. I would be too if I had repeatedly "soiled" myself in the stock market. Now shut your fat yapper before yet another poster comes along to ram a boot down your throat! Good luck -"Doperbaby". LOL

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      • I see you just happened to be stalking the EXAS board with your other ID's at this very moment! LOL!!!! OUTED!!!!

        Wrong again Fat boy. I shorted clsn the night before the crash and you know it! LOL!!! AHAHA, I see your dumb posts all over (sqnm-FAIL, entr-FAIL, clsn-FAIL, mnkd-FAIL) and lastly shorting EXAS-FAIL!!! LOLO!!! Now get back to pumping sqnm and entr you clown.

    • I just love this thread. aye_dumbo, egg_dumbo and Acapulco_dumbo (all the same clown) sure make some great calls. LOL!!!

    • Are you sure about tha Aye_hole ? Sure ya want to keep opening that fat mouth?

    • I saw your header and couldn't help but chuckle to myself Aye. I too recall the ID Mstevens over on the CLSN board amongst others, bashing, trashing and flailing about. Lol. How ironic it is that here we are, on the heels of Celsions 10 years in the making victory with the Phase III clinical trials shaping up as a SLAM DUNK with the FDA (they practically PARTNERED with Celsion in designing the trial to be fool proof). Yeah, these are very heady times for shareholders of CLSN. Hopefully, once they're trading at the 25 to 30 dollars per share analysts are projecting upon (fast track) approval by the fda, we won't have produced another bunch of egocentric foul mouthed toads the likes of a couple that hail here from the EXAS board. The world will surely be better off when they're gone.,

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