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  • racist_pukestevens racist_pukestevens Mar 20, 2013 9:23 PM Flag

    This testing method requires the "WHOLE STOOL" to be effective???!!!

    Is that what I heard them gloss over during the presentation? (to think, folks are currently loath to use popsicle sticks!)
    Who knew??
    Can U spell FAIL!!!!

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    • The whole stool is going down your gay throat. Loser broke basher!

    • I was concerned about this as well and did a little investigation. Apparently the company has yet to reveal it, but they've devised (along with the Mayo, Im assuming) a "collection device" that is both more convenient and effective in gathering the "specimen", sealing it, adding a preservative and inserting it into a shipping container all in one fell swoop. Once at the lab, the collection device is inserted into a machine that does the entire analysis. No muss, no fuss. So Im calling you out on this one Puke-stevens. It actually IS superior to your popsicle stick stool sample retrieval methodology. For this reason, I have reversed and gone long with an initial position of 5000 shares. Good luck!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I am guessing you are not yet 50 years old. I have good medical coverage since I started working at 22, right out of college. I go for a physical every year. Every year from 50 to 55 my doctor, that I have been going to for 25 years, told me to get a colonoscopy.. I would tell in yes and not do it. I am not along. The reasons vary but the results do not..... many people avoid it. I was forced to have one at 55 because of stomach problems and all was okay. My initial investment started 8 years ago. The process to collect does not concern me and it wouldn't you if you ever had to take a prep for a colonoscopy. Also between prep, procedure and body recovery it is a 36 hour test. Would you handle turd to get back 36 hours of you life.

      If you believe the test will be accurate enough then this is a good investment. If not, then it isn't. BTW personally, I would pay out of my own pocket depending on cost if insurance didn't pick it up.

    • I would much rather ship a turd in a box, then get a rod shoved up my #$%$ by another dude....but hey that's just me.....

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