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  • crapnebula crapnebula Oct 3, 2013 11:44 AM Flag

    ZLCS - FAR better risk reward profile over this BLOATED EXASCREMENT!

    I just took 11,900 out of my EXAS equity (1000 shares covered- took a nice profit too) and went long ZLCS with the same money 1800 shares at 6.25.
    Haaa haaa LOSER! ! We'll see who has the last laugh here!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • You Kornholers can laugh all you like. I took money right out your hands when this pig tanked down to 7 intraday on (yes, I will repeat) VERY MEDIOCRE test results. Results SO BAD, that they STILL HAVE NO WORD FROM THE FDA???? No, Im afraid that while the clinical trials for ZLCS candidate Z160 was a huge failure, I had already taken profits on 80% of my holdings as I never hold anything more than my profit during the final 2 weeks of a binary event . I would suggest you clowns follow my lead later this spring in your shares of EXAS. It is far from a "slam dunk" unless you're talking about a toilet bowl - lol. FWIW, Even after the stoning ZLCS got (and deserved) Im looking at a small profit in one of 20 biotechs and speculative tech stocks that I own. Nothing to crow about in the case of ZLCS for sure, but still, I'll put my trading results up against any of the anal retentive mshtooopid, ID's on this message board. You morons ignored and gave me #$%$ about the substantial position I took Z (Zillow- a 10 bagger), JAZZ (another 10 bagger). CLSN before the fall - an 8 bagger! And most recently a 250% rise off of the 1450 1.50 Strike calls I owned in SQNM purchased with income from the puts I sold at the same strike!!!. Mshtoopid likes to gloat that she bought 10,00 shares of EXAS at .38c on a lucky tip from KL, but I'll tell you , I never have bought into this lie. In fact, I've been entertained multiple times as she's concocted garbage and posted in other Yahoo forums in her hunt to do battle with the superior and ever elusive "Farrker",. Her credibility is non existent as far as Im concerned. Apparently some of you clowns bought into her lies, but Im calling a spade a spade, mshtoopid, aka 30 other aliases is just what she appears to be, a fool and a liar that is so stupid that she thinks we don't realize that she has multiple ID's and we are laughing at her for her incessant hypocracy. Please, carry on !!!!! This stuff is just PRICELESS!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Brilliant farrker

    • Ooopsie!

    • For what is is worth, take a look at the web sites of ZLCS & EXAS. You will see that EXAS is in hiring mode. ZLCS is not.

    • How'd that move work out for you? You're pretty far under water in zlcs at this point. I think you will do fine if you hung on and didn't sell into that horrendous, blood curdling chasm that opened up this am....or did you? Sure hope you didn't sell at $5.32 - the low this am. Anyway, I like zlcs a lot but EXAS will be north of $20this year.

    • Let me know how well they do with that incredible CASH BALANCE of $2.9 million on their balance sheet.
      I guess you are too dumb to see a Secondary Offering / Dilution coming down the pipe, after this reverse split.

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