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  • bryanyoung426 bryanyoung426 Apr 7, 2013 3:30 PM Flag

    The Board Must Go Now!

    Ray Irani and his cohorts on the Board must go (Syriani, Abraham, Atkins, Feick, Guitierrez, Djerijian, Foran and Poladian). They are one of the most highly compensated Boards but they seem to do nothing but follow Irani's lead to pour billions of dollars into high risk projects in the Middle East. After reading articles on Bloomberg, Barron’s and the Wall Street Journal, I’m convinced that there has been a split on the BOD between Irani & his supporters against Chazin. Since we need some consistency to move forward, I think Irani and his supporters should be voted out and Chazin should be voted to keep on the BOD. The only question is who are the competent members of the BOD, if any…. It might be best to vote Irani and all the other BOD’s out while keeping Chazin since it seems he is supported by the Financial analysts. They have more time to appropriately research this disappointing company than I do but I just know a change needed. Otherwise, I’m dumping my stock. I’m just glad I don’t have a lot…

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    • I voted to withhold for each member of the BOD, except for Chazen. Let's face it, OXY's dividends are great but the PPS has been very disappointing. No doubt that Irani and the BOD are gouging OXY and it's shareholders with their ridiculous compensation packages. It's time for a change.

    • Its all about Ray hanging on to power. As 2014 approaches, the promise he made to step looms larger. Without a clear successor he can graciously offer to remain in charge and the board will have little choice. A deemphasis on the middle east and refocus on domestic operations threatens his relevance. I am casting my votes for Chazen and against all the rest. Many are aged and entrenched. Some are even leftovers from the era of Dr. Hammer. Time for a change and Chazen represents that opportunity.

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