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  • steamfitterlocal81 steamfitterlocal81 Aug 4, 2012 1:38 PM Flag

    Communications Manager Looking for Work

    There is a fully trained communications manager in the market for a new position. He is a perfect fit for FAIRPOINT's core values.
    1. He likes to threaten his co-workers.
    2. He likes to lie.
    3. He likes to fabricate legal documents.
    4. His own wife can't stand him.
    5. He shows signs of mental health issues.

    He is a great fit with the current NNE management staff. I'm sure with these qualifications there must be an opening somewhere in southern Maine.

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    • It is a strange road that led me to this board/thread and to making this comment. And I suspect that alone will give some the self righteous justification to say how stupid and unwelcome I am to do so.

      The expression itself contributes nothing of value or relevance to a topic. In fact, I would think it does go to show the frustration brought on from proudly trying to maintain being ignorant. It requires feeling obliged to dispute any concept that is different than what it wants to believe. Discounting or rejecting ideas without any regard, so reaching to attack on aspects that are just not important to the concepts and ideas expressed. Considering that would be an assault on maintaining their ignorance. No, instead one's like Jean find faults that allow them to stay away from anything that may require thought.

      Personally, I've read some of Steamfitters' posts now...and (while I may not agree with all the things they say) I find them rather witty and insightful.

      What is said is more important than how it is said. Regardless of if it in itself is really right or wrong. (Few things being entirely one or the other). While more accurate spelling and presentation are generally better for communication, it really isn't important if only read by someone who is trying to avoid processing any different thoughts.

      Such are the challenges confronted by someone who may actually have something to say.

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