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  • mjpeoria mjpeoria Feb 3, 2012 3:22 PM Flag

    New to new to DEJ, Also long KOG, SSN, TPLM, & MRO

    Seems DEJ has some good basics...and could be one of those 'POP' stocks soon.

    Been in the others for 3+ months...just added DEJ over the past couple weeks.

    Frankly, I'm loading up on anything "Bakken" related.

    Thinking DEJ at or around $.90 - $1.30 in twelve months.

    Anyone agree..?

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    • I know...I have alot of Bakken plays....but I think DEJ has some upside as well...

    • we know that dude, LOL

    • Correction. I meant I just dumped "2700 shares of SSN," not DEJ.

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      • SSN did have some productions issues, for sure...but once it's cleaned up, the rise people predicted several months ago should happen. I'm looking for a 3rd or 4th quarter pop for SSN. If they can;t deliver by year end, I'll probably dump it.

        You have to have some pretty bad management to mess up profits in the Bakken area. Some companies are making money hand over fist there. That's why I'm holding on to hope for a 12 month turn around for SSN. The land itself is worth more than the float of the shares. Interesting buy-out target as well...

        Thanks for your input.

    • I just dumped 2700 shares of DEJ and used it to get 100k shares of TECO.PK. I get in at TECO at $0.0375.

      What do you think about SSN? They just seem to have a lot of constant operational issues. A lot of people also seem to have serious questions about TB and their management.

      I've been in DEJ since early Dec. Got 121,000 shares. I'm going to try to hold through 2014. I'm hoping it's at $3-4 a share sometime in 2014. If a takeover at that time is likely, then I'll hold longer possibly. But essentially that's where I need to be.

      I think the PPS you mentioned is reasonable, but Woodrush really needs to come through IMHO. DEJ is undervalued anyway, but it's a company in my opinion that needs to see earnings take over and let that start serving as the primary, long-term catalyst here. A lot of things in the hopper with this company. If Woodrush's BOPD continues upward and if the oil leg of South Rangely is really there and recoverable, then I think my personal price of $3-4 will come long before mid to late 2014. Just my take.

    • BTW...the spam on these boards are horrible!!

      Scum paid by brokers to try and minipulate prices...thats all I can think.

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