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  • xliangwen xliangwen Dec 30, 2012 2:28 PM Flag

    some investors are not for making money here, but for torturing DEJ management

    If you want to make DEJ management even more depressed you can dump your all shares below $0.2.

    The management sound very sad to the current DEJ price. They complainted that the investors evaluate DEJ at a $30MM market cap which is almost the woodrush value only while woodrush is almost negligible among DEJ's properties.

    I told the management the reasons why some investors are unhappy to DEJ management as on the message board posted.

    1, lack of transparency, for examle, they did not announce the Roan Creek partner name and the land sale price.

    But DEJ believes it is transparent and all reports are based Canadian Exchange Standards and the third party requirement. However, they said they will put all of so-called non-transparent information into its Q4 earning report.

    2, nervous to possible dilution due to shortage of capital.

    But DEJ says it hates dilution than any investor does. It says it has $3MM now, $1.2MM will be used for its 30% cost of the $4MM SR Hz well drilling. All of other development, such as KOKO more wells drilling and NR seismic, will use money from other companies. The management sound their own value gets even more damaged than any investor's from any dilution.

    3, developmental progress is too slow, for example, KOKO still not tied-in, but it was supposed finished in Q4 or earlier.

    The management predicted it finished earlier based on normal operation, but it said KOKO has just one well order and the third party did not give DEJ priority. That is why the delay happened, but the tied-in completion may be as soon as tomorrow and it asked me to check it back in the coming days. I beleive this delay gave DEJ a bad experience and they may order at least 4 wells next time to secure the priority.

    Finally, I said, anyway DEJ investors don't like anything DEJ announced, such as Roan Creek farmout and SR tied-in.

    DEJ said they cannot understand why with a sad voice, but DEJ has surely multiple potentials, even a possible buyout in short time.

    From above, we can see DEJ management was tortured hard by sellers. If you don't care your money much or you are a rich person it is a good time to dump or short DEJ shares to lower teens to make DEJ management even more depressed.

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    • Their share value has dropped!
      My heart bleeds for them.
      Perhaps they will return the $500 thousand bonus earned in 2011, when in fact the stock tanked!! So that $500,000.00 should be shared by investors that lost money - not compensating
      management for poor performance.
      Then there is the shutdown at Woodrush -- was that not material information that should have been shared with shareholders??
      Do we really know what happened, or what the current status is??
      Then, there was the mass stampede out, by institutional investors, on (fishy) private equity financing at a massive discount. Of course that deal (like the rest) was also secret emmm.
      Shall I continue??

    • Is DEJ tortured by Retail I don’t think so, maybe some what annoyed but that’s a very small concern in its over all development going forward and only when the upside out ways the risk will the MM step in quickly and move this stock certainly not retail in my view.

      This has always been a #$%$ shoot as with the many other energy stocks out there but at this point the potently positive direction DEJ is heading will hopefully increase the odds and lesson the risk for making a return here. Simply no fairy tails here just the forces of reality.

      Now if I can hold on to the real-time reality of it all I am fine but I do find my self caught up in the negative from time to time. So for those posters who continue to bring an encouraging yet truthful insight into the whole picture on this board please continue and thanks.

      Sentiment: Hold

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