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  • youarenotajedi77 youarenotajedi77 Feb 23, 2013 12:26 PM Flag

    DEJ: Many Tens of Millions $ In Shareholder money wiped out in past few years-When is next cap raise?

    I can't believe who this pathetic company lures in new investors to take place of those who have lost huge sums over the years. DEJ has had numerous capital raises to fund operations that have lost tens of millions and it is still losing money. Get a clue people, this stock and company has been a CHRONIC LOSER FOR YEARS! WAKE UP and invest in a company that has profits and meaningful revenues.

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    • The share structure and debt are actually below industry averages. Some excellent companies out there ,but all have a good deal of debt . Those that don't have big share structures. Everybody in the natural gas arena has been losing money,one way or another.
      Take Dejour for what it is .
      1. A small company with extra ordinarily high reserve values considering their market cap
      2 A company that has made mistakes ,mostly in their initial business plan
      3. A company who's destiny or fate lies in the commercial demand of natural gas assets

    • Like ERBB and MJNA? Make more money selling oranges on road stand. You're village is loking 4 they're idiot.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • jedi, you need to take some of the board's happy pills! We love that the stock has turned a dollar into a few pennies! We think the right amount to purchase of DEJ is MORE and the right time is NOW. We love that a purchase Friday (green day for averages) was down over 3% in only a few hours! We know that only fools continue to average down on a stock, so we continue to average down on DEJ. Compared to us, Scientologists are free thinkers!

    • It was too hard keeping it down that low wasnt it. I got some at .14 so thankyou I guess.

    • Hey Jedi, Please get this thing run back down to .12. Ive got 15k waiting to add to my position. So come on. Show us what you got. I want to add!!

    • Only if you sell, I've been buying from .42 on down and will making good decisions on economies with 4 well drill and frac - SR will be producing soon, WPX hit monster wells in KOKO which should impact reserve estimate....OH and how about the big guns on the board now??? You thing guys with 30+ years of experience that are muli-millionaires would join a board of directors on a small company for a few hundred K a year unless there was opportunity to make millions? Why waste their time? 2013 is about realizing property value, 2014 is about selling at property value. N Rangely is a MONSTER, a sleeping GIANT and people like yourself know that, trying to scare newbies away to keep the share price as low as possible. I think that is just fine with me because the lower it is, the more I buy - so you are really doing me a favor too. $1B market cap = $5 fully dilluted PPS. AND YOU KNOW THIS MAAAAAAN!!!!

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