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  • auggiekicker1821 auggiekicker1821 Jul 4, 2013 9:11 AM Flag

    Happy 4th of July!

    To all. Bashers, even you who should be extra happy for the freedom of speech your Country affords you - even if you do use it to lie, twist, manipulate, cheat, spread mis information, suggest and deceive...all out of greed. Yes you are free to abuse the rights afforded to you but I must say that life has a way of catching up with you. Yep, another freedom is identifying IP addresses and hiring a lawyer.

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    • Wow, So your trying to scare us now! Wow. How about this Auggie. You let the company put us in the grave with results. And you are wrong about the greed thing. YOU are the one filled with greed trying to get your money back and even make a ton at the expense of some poor new investor that doesn't know anything. But its not about that. Quit blaming bashers for your red. The execs and directors are running it. They can wipe our basher mouths for us at any minute right? So why haven't they? Where is the big money in a small asset sale to help out? Why financing at 14% when you could sell just a small section of highly prized land? So direct your frustrations where they are due. Plus you couldn't sue posters of truth. MANY pumpers here including you have lied out their teeth. So sue Mgmt. Oh wait you cant do that either since they are a Canadian company. If you choose to stay greedy eyed with this company, by all means, stay with them. That's your freedom. Just don't be frustrated at us cause no one is willing to buy your shares for $1 or more. Dejour has established itself with investors. That's a bad place to be. BTW, this message board does not affect the price of some 150M shares traded.

    • happy fourth

    • I was right there would be DILUTION... Not as I thought, But dilution anyway you look at it..... to the tune of 5% of Marketcap.... to get a 14% interest ONLY loan... TO PAY OFF A LOAN!!!
      I was off by 2 f@ing days on my June 17th dilution date!!!

      There will be dilution in the next year to pay off this new 14% loan!!

      I was right that that they couldn't make the loan( tranche 2) by themselves!!!!

      I told you all KOKO would not be hooked to production in the 2nd quarter!!!!

      You Auggie keep those rose colored glasses on cause your a fool! You have my IP address!!! use it!!! there has been no manipulation, no cheating, no deceiving. Just facts, and your still to stupid or stubborn to see them!!!

      But all you other fools take off those rose colored glasses today cause the fireworks will look better!

      Happy 4rth everyone!

      Mom out!

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      • You're* the one who is stupid

      • The fact is no dilution happened. Options/warrants given at an exercise price of 24c when SP was 19c. is no dilution. No shares were issued to anyone, NO DILUTION. If as you believe this stock will never go above 24c and is good for a quick trade only, the 7 mil options exercisable at 24c while current price is 19c is a great deal according to your own standard.

        In May 2012 when SP was around 30c and DEJ issued 18 mil shares to an investor for 21c, that was dilution. It added 18 mil to share count right away and at a price LOWER tham then current price. This did not happen this time around.

        Also there was no RS 5:1 and no SP drop as you expected.

        So, effectively you were dead wrong about RS, real dilution, drop of SP, June 17, and many other claims.

        You may be wrong about Q2 Koko production as well. My view on this is wait and see.
        Why? The company and its July release indicate a Q2 KOKO production...are they waiting for flow numbers? At this point based on what I have read and seen, I personally have a "wait and see attitude". Either DEJ is lying to our face or they are saying we are on schedule and is a matter of days in collecting all necessary flow data to relase numbers. We will find out soon one way or another.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Same applies to Pump and Dumpers

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