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  • imagine that it went down today "after 3 days the odds of an up day go way down" i guess that reinforces what i said.
    imagine that the run stopped where I said "if it makes a run up it would be .12 - .13 max." dang right again.
    imagine that it was support ".092 was the support point" right again...
    imagine that if you would have bought in on the third as i said and your a flipper you did pretty good. dang, right again.
    for someone that is said to be wrong all the time i was correct 75% this week. i also stated the odds of going up today was very low due to it being the third day up yesterday. i guess that makes 80% right for the week. not bad for someone that was said to be wrong all the time. hmm in fact i was told that as predictions were proving themselves right. how odd

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    • Well, after your immense gains this week due to your uncanny trading accuracy you will no doubt be purchasing your own private island and retiring to pursue a life of more cultured pursuits. We will miss your wisdom and expertise but consider ourselves lucky to have been graced with your presence for this short time. I know you will feel the desire to linger here and to try to teach us less talented souls how to trade but you have done more than could be reasonably asked of any one man. It will be difficult but it is time for us to stand or fall on our own oh great sensei. Go, live your life and don't look back your legend is secure.

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      • Priceless!! Pure awesomeness. Bravo zimmymack9. Bravo!

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      • hilarious, bravo!

      • LOL... I just posted that for the pumpers that always think I'm trying to bash the stock by what I expect to happen, and the bashers that say I pump when I expect to go up. so are you a flipper or a "long". flippers are making money, longs so far are losing money. I personally like the stock even though it is a big gamble. I feel if they can pull off their plan in it's entirety in 2014 they can make it even if a well or 2 have lower than expected results. if they can drill and complete the big one they will be sitting good, depending on what they give up to drill it. in the mean time the price of natural gas may help them to keep them going if it continues to go up. if they can't make good progress phase 2, and or they dilute and or RS they will pretty much seal their fate. I would like to see them get at least 4 new and producing wells at koko and a few in rangly this year. what ever happened to the highly touted JV up there it doesn't seem to be doing very much for us. I think we need to get a new partner up there. someone that wants to drill. I still believe we need to buy a drill hire an experienced crew and keep our expenses down by drilling ourselves, instead of giving up some money to profit another company. I'm sure we can find some experienced people out there, the drill count is down in our area. so there should be some idle hands nearby.

      • bwah ha ha ha

    • opps 75% mentioned the 3day then down twice.

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