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  • drandon25 drandon25 Oct 15, 2012 9:28 AM Flag

    Regarding tender offer

    Would someone plz tell me how long will the cash be available after expiration date expire if participate in an offer? Does it mean we can get cash a day after expiration or have to wait until next year?
    Thank you.

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    • Sigh.....
      I have been hoping for some last minute salvation in this and it doesn't look likely to come (up to AH of today).
      Sadly, I think that I am going to have to submit to this miserable offer just so that I can get the offer price (which we are far under at this point) and take a loss on my investment.
      I'll lose less than $1K on my initial investment at the offer price, but it's still painful because I still believe that we are being shortchanged by the whole circus of groups involved in this.
      It was always a speculation investment in the end and I definitely took a risk and entered into it with "eyes open", but it's saddening to me because I hoped to see this company do better than the end they are facing now.
      The reds will make out well financially on this deal and it's scary when you think about the sensitivity of American's DNA which they will have access to here.
      The whole thing just seems wrong but it looks unlikely to be stopped at this point. Sigh...this whole arrangement definitely sucks. Investors should really be careful what they wish for when they wish for buyouts.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Drandon25..I find it extremely funny you are asking questions on what to do after acting like a little snot nosed dumbf.u.c.k.I hope your money vanishes..all $300 worth.Prick

    • Ameritrade told me I would get the cash about 8 days after the deal closes.

    • It may (MAY I say) depend on your broker to some extent. You probably want to check with them.
      In the case of TDAmeritrade, here is what I was told:
      "Payment would likely be credited 2-3 weeks after the (10/23/12) expiration date (unless extended)."

      I not telling you that so you think that the 2-3 weeks is a hard and fast thing for everyone; probably consider it a general rule of thumb. You really should go and ask your broker to be certain of their timeline.

      I hate, hate, HATE this deal! But, it looks like no one is going to step in to derail it and save us shareholders.
      This is probably what Mitt Romney's world is really like (screw the shareholders, hooray for the "deal-makers")......

      Sentiment: Hold