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  • doug_mactavish doug_mactavish Apr 25, 2011 3:08 PM Flag

    Obama Clears the Way For America's 2 Largest Oil Wells to be Shutdown in Texas

    How does this effect PBT and the other trusts in the region? Could be a giant hit!

    Obama Clears the Way For America's 2 Largest Oil Wells to be Shutdown in Texas
    By Gate on April 25, 2011 11:30 AM | No Comments
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    by Chuck Wolk

    From the moment Richard Nixon created the EPA in 1970, and signed the Endangered Species Act (ESA) into law, they have been the primary engines of social change used by leftists environmental elitists to destroy America. They have done so by infiltrating the EPA, and the US Fish & Wildlife (USF&W) the agency which decides what animals will be listed as endangered. Now, 28 years later, these renegade environmentalist wackos are prepared to use the ESA to shut down oil and gas operations in portions of Southeast New Mexico and in West Texas, including the state's top two oil producing counties. All because of a tiny lizard they claim to be endangered, and Obama who has the power to put it on a waiting list has cleared the way for it to be listed.

    Through the years the EPA & the ESA have been used to shut down vast areas of America that we as Americans need to survive in a modern world. Areas that contain, rich farmland needed to grow food that both America and foreign countries need to feed billions of people. Forest areas so rich in timber that the price of building homes could be reduced dramatically if only we were allowed to harvest them. Instead, year after year we spend billions fighting fires that reduce the timber to ashes. When it comes to energy, these government paid earth worshipers have used their power to keep us from drilling for oil, and stand in the way of building needed power plants all across America. According to a recent Congressional report America has the largest oil, coal, and natural gas reserves in the world, if tapped we could be completely energy independent. Truth is, America has enough natural energy reserves, timberland, sustainable farm land, freshwater lakes and underground reservoirs that we could reduce the cost of living for each and every American by more than 50%, if only the governments chains of restrictions were removed.

    The earth worshiping environmentalists running the USF&W have used an owl to shut down logging in the Northwest, a mouse to shut down wheat farming in Colorado, a minnow and rat to end vegetable growing in California, a frog has closed fish hatcheries in the deep South, while the reintroduction of wolves are endangering the lives of ranchers, farmers, and hunters all across America from the Rockies to Maine. Now they are planning to use a lizard to shut down two of Americas largest oil wells in Texas. We already have one of the largest oil reserves put off limits by the EPA in Anwar Alaska, while Obama is ignoring a Federal judges order to allow drilling to continue in the Gulf. This while almost every communist country in the world has oil wells operating in our backyard, the Gulf of Mexico.

    In a logical universe, we would have politicians that would do all they can to make sure Americans had a cost of living so low that no one in America would be struggling to make ends meet. Instead these traitors would rather see Americans struggle to survive while they act as if their various government programs are saving the day. Never before in the history of the world has a countries leaders tried so hard to force its citizens to become so dependent and subservient to other countries. Many of which are our sworn enemies. Can anyone imagine Alexander, Caesar, or even George Washington forcing their citizens to humble themselves before an enemy of lesser power like Persia, Carthage, or England? No, only a modern day Judas, Ephialtes, or Benedict Arnold, would cause their own people to suffer the indignities our leaders so consistently force us to.

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    • You just hate Obama. He cares about us. He is coming back to the US to straighten out the tornado damage that no one else has done. Where is Bush during this crisis? Probably making a speech somewhere, going to parties, and drinking in some bar. Don't be a racist. Support our leader.

    • oh yea and they railroaded tom de lay. get a life repuk..

    • common sence is so uncommon these days unfortunately...
      too many chicken littles running around scaring the little people

    • Article looks more like opinion than news. we can do better.

      • 1 Reply to avignon_uzes
      • So environuts haven't used an owl to shut down logging in the Northwest? Used a mouse to shut down wheat farming in Colorado? A minnow and rat to end vegetable growing in California?
        Etc., etc., etc.?

        So when do these "opinions" become fact -- when they fit the agenda of Big Government social engeneering statists? (would that be you?)

        Why is it that anything that fits the agenda of leftist/socialist/liberal/statist is a "fact" and anything/everything that counters the leftist/socialist/liberal/statist agenda is "opinion"?

        Some of us are tired of being lied to, and to suggest that "facts" are "opinions" is a big, ongoing, decades old lie that is getting old and transparent. this lizzard ISN'T trying to be protected by EPA? These nutjobs WON'T stop drilling and exploration activities if/when that happens????

        LOLOL, riiiiiiiiiiight! ; )

    • The current threat to America's freedom comes from a 3 inch lizard called the Sceloporus Arenicolus, or better known as the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard or the Sand Dune Lizard. It was originally classified as a subspecies of the Sceloporus Graciosus, or Common Sagebrush Lizard. Before they designated the Dune Lizards as a separate species, there were so many of them you could feed them to the Chinese as a delicacy and never run out. It was in 2002 that the Center for Biological Diversity first petitioned to have the lizard listed as endangered. The Bush administration stood in the way of the lizard being listed for 6 years, but last year Obama cleared the way by ordering his administration to back off from delaying the listing. This in spite of the news that Obama has repeatedly refused to grant species the protection for which they are known to qualify adding them instead to the waiting list. So why did he allow this lizard to be listed? There can be only one reason, and that is because Obama wants to destroy America's ability to be energy free. So his relentless attack on America's energy capabilities continues. Go figure.

      There was a rally in Roswell NM last week on April 20th that had hundreds protesting the listing and there will be another one on Tuesday April 26th, in Midland Tx at the Midland Center that begins at 5 p.m. with Congressman Mike Conaway will speaking to the concerned citizens. Then on Wednesday April 27th, there will be a public hearing held at 6:30 p.m at the Midland Center. If you want to be heard then be there to support those at the front line in the battle to stop a lizard from shutting down Americas 2 largest working oil wells.

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