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  • crdurbin1 crdurbin1 Apr 27, 2003 1:46 AM Flag

    For the IBD crowd..

    I like some of your talking points on MGAM, but you might as well wear a "Republican BS C-Y-A Rhetoric" sandwich board in your spare time. Overwhelming evidence? I haven't seen it. And spare me the "Colin Powell at the UN" references to obscure California Ph.D. student dissertations from 1991. The proof is in the pudding. Without question, Saddam never represented even 5% of the threat to us and the rest of the world that Shrub claimed. There are much bigger fish to fry out there, but this economically ignorant administration needed an easy trophy to bring home. Total war with Iraq but diplomacy with North Korea. Will the double standards ever end? Not for the next 2 years, at least.