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  • bigron43 bigron43 May 19, 2003 3:30 PM Flag


    Here's pertinent text from the NIGC's new boss, Philip Hogen in a memo issued last Thursday to all Indian tribes with casino operations in Oklahoma ---

    Excerpts from Philip Hogen Memo May 14, 2003
    Feds warn tribes to end slot games

    American Indian tribes across Oklahoma have been told to shut down all illegal slot machines at their casinos or face closure and fines.

    "The bottom line is that all of these Class III devices must be promptly removed from tribal gaming facilities in Oklahoma," wrote Philip Hogen, the new chairman of the National Indian Gaming Commission.
    "My intention is to stop this activity by first seeking the assistance and cooperation of the tribal regulators and, second, by bringing enforcement actions against those operations that continue to operate these machines."

    At issue are video machines in Oklahoma casinos that look, play and sound like traditional slot machines found in Las Vegas. Federal regulators have outlawed a variety of machines in Oklahoma, including "Red Hot Re-Spin," "Buffalo Nickels," "Lucky Cherries," "Pot- O'-Gold," "Rainbow Reels," "Fantasy 5," "Choctaw Skill Stop," "Fruit Fiesta" and "Winner's Touch."

    "Tribal leaders and gaming commissioners should be aware that play of these slot machines and like devices that are electronic facsimiles of a game of chance -- be they spinning reel games, video card games or pick number games -- are all subject to regulation ... and are Class III gaming."

    The chairman also wrote: "I ask tribal gaming commissioners and tribal leaders in Oklahoma to promptly review the machine gaming activity in their facilities and take the responsible step to stop play of these Class III slot machines and like devices as soon as possible.

    A copy of the memo was obtained Sunday by The Oklahoman. Tracy Burris, chairman of the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association, � (Burris) viewed the letter as an effort by the new commissioner to work with the tribes.

    "He's ... saying, 'We may have issues out here, but let's work together to resolve these issues,' instead of saying, 'We have issues. Boom. This is it. Do it.' It's a big difference," Burris explained.

    "The key thing in this letter ... is when he lists people you can actually talk to -- the director of enforcement, the regional director, the field ... investigators and the staff senior attorney."

    This should debunk all the phony pretenders puking on our board. It's time to start using the 'Big I' button again.

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    • It sounds to me like there will be a lot of floor space open for RTB when a class II ruling comes down soon. The tribes will want to fill the floor space once occupied by class III machines.

      Nuff said Pug

    • you idiot. your own letter guarantees a "turn down" of rtb.
      read it again.

    • "Now you want us to worry about player appeal. "

      Player appeal is the whole issue.

      Well, I take that back. The stock will spike up on Class II approval, so if you are looking for a quick exit then the NIGC ruling is everything.

      But it is not in doubt that they will get Class II. The issue is what tweaks they had to make. They submitted a Class III game with great appeal. Now they tweaked it to make it Class II.

      Player appeal and patents will determine the long-term growth of MGAM.

    • Actually, the point you made was the machines had a Class III configuration.

      Now you want us to worry about player appeal. I don't know how the tweaks are affecting game play and neither does anybody on this board. All we know is the tweaks are minor.

    • SoFlaStocks........this is exactly why I say the context is deceiving. Every electronic slot machine I know of uses a random number generator of some sort to play the game. As Bobaloo points out, ping pong balls from a standard BINGO game are randomly generated numbers....there's no rule in a Bingo game on WHAT DEVICE is used to pick the numbers called, pp balls are just traditional. My point is that by AVjr's quote its totally meaningless as it applies to whether RTB is class II or not.

    • The point is how they are going to satisfy not only the NIGC but also the tribes.

      How are the minors tweaks affecting gameplay? If they draw the balls a certain way and have paper tickets, how do they keep it so players can 'spin the reels' every 6 seconds?

    • What's your point? Who said it was a "random number generator simulating predrawn 'balls'"?

      henderson said : "BINGO is a game that uses randomly generated numbers" Which is exactly correct. A bingo blower is a random number generator. A coin flipped in the air is a random number generator.

      Settle down.

    • So who makes all those games he mentions?

      Also, is this what the NIGC is so busy doing? If they would just finish the approval process on RTB, then the tribes would have a logical and satisfactory alternative to replace all these Class III machines.