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  • crdurbin1 crdurbin1 Sep 24, 2003 2:51 PM Flag

    MANIPULATION...check it out...

    If you were ever naive enough to believe that stock manipulation doesn't exist, you only need look at today's one-day chart on MGAM. Don't sell, folks. Institutions are building up their positions today (and maybe for a few more days) and then will upgrade/institute their recommendations on MGAM (IMO). Then, we'll really see this thing take off... (IMO)...

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    • Manipulation? Not again!!!!! Those bastards!!

      Please point out on that one-day chart exactly where this �manipulation� occurred�because if you�re right, and I think you are, we may have a case�because I�ll be damned if those bastards didn�t manipulate the entire friken market today.

      Also, �institutions building up their positions�? Don�t they already own nearly 100% of the float? Wait a minute, I see what�s going on. They merely claim to own that many shares. In reality however, they�re secretly building their real positions as we speak. THOSE BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thank God I�m not na�ve.