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  • quantum_analyst quantum_analyst Mar 1, 2004 1:13 PM Flag

    did not lvr get out at 46/7 and are we

    not still there?

    good call lvr

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      Thanks, but I would have been better staying in.

      However, we all have to make the smart call, and betting on government or court cases can lead to ruin.

      Those making the call on MGAM now are like those who watch the roulette wheels, and when they see a string of 10 black or red in a row they think of all they could have made if they had bet it all and let it ride, and pulled back their bet at the exact right time.

      The fact is these people literally tried to panic people out of MGAM when it was in the teens.

      Also note, that while I sold a lot of MGAM and removed it as FPS, I specifically did not remove the BUY recommendation. The reasons are clear. I had too much in MGAM to risk an adverse judgement, and FPS are for stocks with visibility, and the writs robbed MGAM of visibility till now (I had no doubts about the legality of RTB -- or MegaNanza if that decision had been challenged.

      It seems to me the NIGC has been acting in bad faith, but they can repair that impression if they get the illegal III's OUT OF OK NOW!