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  • obkozranch obkozranch Feb 28, 2013 1:09 PM Flag

    Bought UAN Tuesday.

    Entry 24.65, thought I wasn't going to get filled. Was looking at DDD and wanted it at 30-32, but woke up late and it was at 33 and never went down. So....I was intrigued by the reversal of UAN, and toward the end of the day had my order in. Was reading about the plant expansion, and I know the turnaround was done, so Long UAN, CVRR, CLMT. CVRR is my largest holding at 50%, CLMT is second with 30% and UAN is third at 20%, NO CASH

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    • What happened to CVRR today? Down over 3% in an up market. And no message board to get the news ...

    • Good portfolio. GLTY

    • A little advice from someone making a modest living with the market for over 50 years. I watched my father lose half his retirement saving by investing heavily in one stock. I watched colleagues at RiteAid lose most of their savings investing heavily in this company. Do not put more than 10% of your money in any one issue, Look to dividends which are relatively secure and will be there whether the market or an industry has good times or bad. If you handle it right, you won't become super rich but you will be able to afford a nice annual vacation and a new car paid for every 3 years. LOL

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      • Well I shall see, won't I. CVRR is benifitting from both CVI and UAN. Ichan is no fool , with a 20% dividend, and turnarounds done, i am comfortable for this year. CLMT is solid and mngt. is GREAT. UAN is solid and will be so all year too. Headwinds kept me from making money, MLP's keep me from selling it so.... No cash, all long and looking forward to the dividends for a long long time. Now I can work on the house and do whatever and just collect. I see no big crash as the banks and co. balance sheets are strong. Good skill to you, me I'm not trading anymore, just collecting. But thanks for the advice about no more than 10%, but I STRONGLY believe in these companies and their mngt. ~ at least through 2013. CLMT I would sell at 43.80.

      • Pretty much the approach I use as well. I do go up to 20% sometimes on a single equity. Not getting super rich, but making a comfortable living.

    • I also played CVRR since IPO. Bought in at 25 ad sold out at 30. Will look to get back in at near 27.5 Lvl. may have to wait a while on this one. glad to hear you got back with UAN as did I at 25. 0 sum cash worries me tho Im still setting on about 60% cash. Too many macro worries for me. Im trading levered ETFs on the short term using ARMS/TRIN lines to guide my through trading them. Im in and out in a day or two and sometimes hours.

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