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  • richardleeds richardleeds Jun 17, 2013 6:16 PM Flag

    new to board would appreciate investor input

    I was looking at the financial data on CVR Partners. I saw no institutions (ETF and funds) owning this compared to my other 7 LPs. No ownership by insiders.
    A share price of almost 4 times book value, whereas my other LP holdings sell at 2 times book value or less, so this seems expensive.
    No growth in share price.
    When I look at Total, Eni, Shell, the pipelines and upstream lps they seem to offer more share and dividend growth prospects, so please fill me in, what am I missing?
    Thanks, R.

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    • Hi Rich..I would suggest you visit UAN web site click on presentations, listen to last cc. Please listen to entire call, especially analysts questions at the end..tier 1 coverage could be coming..IMO. I don't think they did (parent) offering 12mil shares at 25.15, then left shareholders holding the bag UAN has new facility start up with only 2 months production last Q. IMO even with competition from China, UAN has input cost lower than anyone in the industry. Management has experience with long history in industry. Listen for yourself, Im sure its archived. Fly in ointment for me,Carl Icahn majority holder thru parent. Read few news items you will see what just happened, could happen again. I have a position and will hold it. Waiting for next Q, Aug 1st.. Im sure there will be more info on growth, distribution, ect for rest of yr. GL

    • baldwinchris Jun 17, 2013 9:54 PM Flag

      stock price on other dividend paying stocks in this sector are 10 to 20 book value. I still have not seen anything in this sector that matches this company. Have low cost of production from coal have growth in new plant and have paid off real estate and taxes.

    • Missing nothing shorty except a juicy 10% dividend that may or may not hold this pig up.

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      • You should not assume everyone is a short. Some of us are looking for investment opportunities.
        Another poster felt Icahn was a "fly in the ointment".
        Actually, I am invested in CVRR at $25.50 and Icahn controls the two refineries in that one and I am glad to be investing along side him. His return on investment during the last decade is better than Warren Buffet's.
        The dividend in UAN is not actually 10% according to my math. If you look at the last two dividends and calculate the yield it is not yet 10%, I believe Yahoo's number at 10%+ is not correct.

        I will look and listen to the conference call but those are usually selling jobs unless you see management (Pres., VP, CFO, purchasing shares in the open market) and did all of management in Linn Energy this past week.

        So, please tell me, why management is not buying at these low prices, why institutional investors are not stepping up? Is it the price/book value? The price of this security is almost 400% more than the assets in this entity!!!

    • The Chinese are, hide fear is rampant, supposedly. Read the latest news and you will get a whiff of what may be affecting the price of uan.

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