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  • diego.musilli diego.musilli Mar 23, 2009 4:35 PM Flag

    MELI! IS A DUD!!!! 500 POINT RALLY!!!

    Meli is a loser!!! Market rallies 500 points and meli only goes up 1$ this would never happen a couple of years ago when a 500 point rally meli would got up 4 or 5 etc!!! Dollars this meli is over and will never go back up more than 30$$ dollars this is a lame lame stock which once was fun to own now is just a boring loser with no hope of action!!!!

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    • marduk1 Mar 25, 2009 3:12 PM Flag

      Thats was hilarious

      Gerberbay going to need anusol for his asshole and anbecil for his mouth-taking it in both orifices

      meli going to mid twenties soon

      jim gerber gonna get abused on his short

    • Folks, we may need to file a missing persons report. It seems that Jimmy has been sucked into the Wizetrader black hole without the beneficial services of a jar of Vaseline. I am afraid they are going to find him quivering in a dark alley somewhere far away from his trailer, talking in a barely understandable rant. "LOL ..... LLLLOOOOOLLLLLL.....aaaaahhhhhhhh"

    • LMAO!!!
      What's that ripping sound?? OUCH! It's Jaime Gerberbaby getting a new one!!

      So, just for clarification, is the stock still "flat" today as it takes your allowance away from you Jimmy?

    • And I am merely pointing out that I think its incredibly funny that a "professional trader" like yourself (self-proclaimed of course) can actually come here and celebrate a 19 cent gain (that VERY quickly evaporated) as some kind of victory and then "LOL" at the longs in your usual mature way. Meanwhile I have been consistently pocketing $3-$5/share gains several times on this stock, going on the long side. Let me remind you that at this moment I have only a 1/2 position since I took yet another massive gain when it spiked on my purchases between $13-$14 which I accurately told the board on several occassions was the optimal buy point. I sincerely hope that people were not waiting for your "single digit" prediction as they would have missed out on a very nice money making opportunity.
      Maybe you should write an editorial to the Motley Fools who keep on writing how this stock is going to make people millionaires (see today's article) I am hoping that I will get another chance to buy back the rest of my position at $15 and change. I thionk I will as the stock is simply waiting for the technicals to form up. Like the 200 day MA which is the only major line that is still falling and is still too high at 21 and change. Once it blows thru that (I believe it may take another month or two) say Good Night Charlie!

    • marduk1 Mar 24, 2009 5:37 PM Flag

      single digits= youre insane

      i can feel this thing etting primed for a mid 20s pop

      i told you to stop masturbating so much, gerbergaby!

    • Speculation is out of the Market now....that's why.......When MELI comes back it will come hard and fast! It will come from Earnings or Buyout...You better be in when it does....It will trade flat for some time...then it will be traded again,,that's when you will see moves like you were talking about! You have to have a long term aspect on this's bound to pop when the earnings numbers tripple the Street! It will happen....just not soon...but it will! It is the one the young growing big Internet play's out there.......

      • 1 Reply to a1stargatefan
      • It almost matched the Dow and Nasdaq performance for the day % wise. Can't ask for much more in a day like today. The market is moving in sectors now. The Banks had the day today(Which I own 200k Of :) Specs stock like this will have their day but it will take a few weeks. MELI will need to double the earnings again and that will catch the eye. Keep a small % here and look at other oppurtunities as well. Look at UNG, AA , XHB and even USB. They all have so much room to the upside just to get them back to January of this year. This should be fun.

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