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  • yelyacs yelyacs Dec 10, 2009 12:42 PM Flag


    sure, its smart to look at diff MA's as part of a whole (including fundamentals, other indicators). I think I'm following you, by strategy I just meant "time-frame" strategy- looking at a stock with solid fundamentals, a breach/approach of a longer term (100 day etc) MA occurs less often, signals a better (lower-risk) buy opportunity than a breach of a shorter term (20 day etc) MA which signals a more frequent (shorter-term trading-type) buy opportunity.

    It would be interesting to hear if Marduk weighed technical criteria heavily to reach his sell decision earlier in run and if so which ones. Marduk?

    Would you approach the flip side (i.e. in a bear mkt where long term MA's are in decline) similarly (i.e. use upside breaches or approaches to moving averages as one signal) to consider shorting (with caveat that shorts are not long term by nature)?

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