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  • brett_amen brett_amen Dec 10, 2009 2:50 PM Flag

    Everyone Calm Down

    Let's be honest with each other. The stock sucks donkey dikk. Plain and simple. It's run by a bunch of idiots, who cashed out and are running for the door. If you like Donkey Dikk, then this is the stock for you!

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    • get your head out of your ass stop
      smelling the dinky dunk.check how
      many shares are held by insiders,
      and levy sold 1 mill shares @ 41.98
      stock moved up 7 since the sale 5
      weeks ago.stop sniffing glue

    • You make me laugh. But, probably not for the best of reasons. I am sorry that you so obviously lost your ass on this. But, I have seen "people" like you before and wish to warn you to control your anger before it causes you even more losses by compounding your already obvious mistakes. Oh and have fun with your pet donkey! I guess I really didn't need to tell you that though, huh?

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      • What's funny is you come across like you are a genius, yet you are probably as stupid as you are poor. How's your long MELI doing today? Take a look at virtually every other internet play today along with the overall market. Just a few days ago everyone was blaming insider selling, then it was the strong dollar, then the overall market. What is it now? The market is higher, the dollar's been very weak over the past few days, and the insider sales were weeks ago.

        Simply put, the stock is dead and everyone is running for the exits.

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