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  • rrs0007 rrs0007 Oct 20, 2012 1:50 AM Flag

    LMFAO Only a #$%$ newb blames market makers for stock declines BAwwhahahaha

    if it wasnt for market makers, your precious garbage woulda been down 20 points today you #$%$!

    Dow 10800
    Naz 2400
    S&P 1160


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    • rrs,
      you are correct, mm's never manipulate stock prices. LOL
      Imminent_news is a newbe. LOL
      You will make big bucks on that 10 share short you have @ $70.00. LOL
      I guess you are correct about everything! LOL

      Oh, by the way, better cover that short soon, because this time next week this stock will be much closer to $95.00 then it is now.......


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      • 1 Reply to surferdan_1
      • LMFAO
        #$%$ says "this stock will be much closer to $95.00 then it is now"

        BAwwhahaha well, thanks for exposing ur hand, u obviously bought sucker calls out of the money! bawhahah

        Always remember this, u are a wanna be trader, I am a trader who takes your money. So p[lease, please buy more calls. I am happy to sell them to you, at any strike!

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