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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Jul 16, 2004 1:40 PM Flag

    Ok, viable growth, positive earnings...

    and we have a 50m market cap.

    It's very tough to find a consisently profitable tech stock with great growth prospects that has a market cap of 50 mil.

    This seems ridiculous.

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    • Give me a few weeks and I might point you to one with a market cap below $1.5M , great growth prospects, great partners, great business model, no debt, small float, not yet on the radar of institutions and most important: on the edge of profitability AND poised for high growth on a killer application.

      Could be a new TASR, but first I wanna finish my DD research and see their 2Q04 figures (end jul, begin aug.) ... and of course complete my own accumulation.
      Forgive me the latter, but this one is so tinely traded that there simply is no other way...


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      • Take a look at the most basic chart. It is a loser that cannot promise to increase shareholder's value by increasing the money pool from fvm cash flow. It is overvalued and too expensive. It's a boring B2B company that partnered with another loser I2. I got out of I2 back when it was $22.

        Does anybody here understand WACC, ALPHA, BETA, FVM?

        I tried to explain this to day-traders a few years ago 2000-2001 and they still buy garbage like this hoping to make money in the SWINGS. Mind you some are great, I ran with Tokyo Joe.
        It was a short since the day it opened. Now listen up you bunch of faggots. Don't look at technicals for garbage like this.

        How easy is it to get quoted on a price for one of their products?
        How can you expand into foreign markets if your rep cannot converse in the native language?
        It's is about real sales, real cash flow and the ability to make shareholder's wealthy in the long-run by increasing the money pool.

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