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  • byorsell byorsell Jul 28, 2004 2:28 PM Flag

    "given the low price of stock..."

    would you be a buyer here"?


    I don't think it's appropriate to comment. I think the stock reflects a very short term view of the company.

    I'll say.

    It was a very solid call. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. There was no squirming or skirting of questions. They are on track for good growth and just had some slippage in a few big deal. It's a good investment here. There's no doomsday out there.

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    • I agree. the mafia as I like to call them and the fact that growth has been slow is keeping the price down. People looking for a short term profit get frustrated and pissed to see the price where it is. They get locked in and can only sell at a loss.

      When you get in @ 3.20 and brag this is going to $10 the only thing they say is done is average down.

      They swear and curse when you say anything bad or the truth.

      If this goes down to .05 it wouldn't bother me any because I believe the company is worth much greater in value

    • I think we'll see some solid gains this quarter, market willing.

      I too thought Moshe did a good job handling the price per share problem. A CEO should never comment publicly on share price, that is up to the marketplace to decide. Any detailed comments could be seen as manipulation of the price.

      I was very pleased with the news this morning, and looking forward to seeing some of the new deals which are supposed to come out this quarter.

      Great Job Moshe.

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      • In the stock market, you have to be willing to change your opinion when the situation dictates it. Holding on to old beliefs when the situation changes causes people to lose big money (or avoid potentially large gains).

        Moshe handled this CC in a much more tempered way than in previous CC's (actually i had only heard 1st Q, 2004) but he seems to have now understood what the market does when your estimates hope for the most rosy scenario.

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