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  • cbird69 cbird69 Aug 26, 2010 6:23 PM Flag

    Where's all the bashing today?

    Looks like CKSW has ouperformed the market over the last three months and wasn't "the only red stock in my portfolio today". I'm buying with both hands.

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    • spothunter Aug 28, 2010 7:41 PM Flag

      My opinion of the company or message board posts have absolutely no effect on stock price, neither do yours.

      If it did, your shares would be worth at least $10 or more super pumper boy...

      As far as the rest of your name calling childishness, I can only shake my head and laugh.

    • If a person continues to bash a company that
      has almost 45 mil in cash, 5 years in a row of 20+% growth, and is on a upward growth
      spurt, it is impossible to believe they
      own one share.

      This person would have motives aligned with a competitor or they are a moron, imbecile, cretin, dunce, ignoramus or a complete idiot.
      The answer is definitely one of the above.

      No one is stupid enough to diminish their
      own investment.

    • This is very comical. I own a lot of CKSW in the speculative part of my portfolio. CKSW is a solid company with good products and good fundamentals and should eventually be a good stock. Can anyone honestly say however that he/she is happy with the performance of the stock this year unless you are a short or new to the stock? The poor performance has created a buying opportunity if you believe in this stock as many of us do, but the price is about 40% below its all time high and down over 20% in the past year. Get real.

    • I actually don't remember any bashing before either, just some food for thought that things might not be as rosy for this stock as mapple would have you believe. Just things that any prudent investor should be asking themselves before investing in any company.

      You are right, Click did outperform the market today, but one day does not a stock make. And we have seen plenty of days this year when the market was up but Click was way down, so really who knows what will happen tomorrow or in a week.

      That is all.

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