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  • theprofitman1 theprofitman1 Feb 11, 2013 3:05 PM Flag

    Clicksoftware buyout by SAP - possible valuation

    I think a reasonable valuation would be 4 X 2014 Sales.

    2014 high estimates for sales by Analysts are around 150M$

    So we are talking about a 600M$ valuation or around 18.5$ per share.

    Sap sees the acclerated organic growth of Clicksoftware and knows Clicksoftware can grow sales and profits much faster as a Sap entity.

    all the above in my opinion of course.

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    • Agree with you profitman
      but as flying_trader told you never forget the cash ($60m).
      cksw should trade now in my opinion 3 times sales + cash right now , it's $420m valuation
      $12-$13 stock price
      for a growth company and no debt this is nothing (X3 on sales) , no real competitors and strong demand for click products , knowledge & experience
      for a buyout as i know the ceo, he will not free the company below $15 now, no talking about 2014.
      If you ask me who will pay 90% bonus to buy the company ?!
      i will tell you that as i know stocks usually stock rally before then the bonus is only 30%-40%.

      i reload my patience since 20%-25% growth news , This is a growth company,
      the bonus for them may come in a few months.

      my opinion only

    • Hi Profitman... good to see you still check in from time to time...

      "So we are talking about a 600M$ valuation or around 18.5$ per share."

      I think you forgot the CASH :-) 20 bucks is the number.... IF they act pretty soon... if not it gets more expensive... are you listening SAP, ORCL, IBM, TRMB....


    • profitman, I'm all for selling my shares at $18.50, but what on Earth makes you believe that a reasonable value is 4X sales? Based on what?

      Sentiment: Buy

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