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  • ajpb ajpb Sep 11, 2013 2:57 PM Flag

    Ok,now what? Fuji, Gunner, Flying_Trader, et. al.

    The stock now has reached my predicted price of low $6's and soon high $5's.
    I am very much tempted to buy some shares. However, something is telling me to wait and not rush in.

    Given the past history, I know that for sure, Click quarterly earnings leaks far far easier than any other company to the big boys, and hence in the anticipation of that the stock re-acts. Hence I know for sure this quarter's report is going to be horrible. The question is how much of this "horrible news" is taken into account by the time we are in mid to high $5's within 10 days or less. Is the stock going to be punished even more once the report comes out and the big boys have dumped theirs? Do we see $4's?

    hmmmmmm... what to do? What to do? :)-

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    • If I knew where the bottom was (and the top) I would not be trading any more... I would be kicked back on my yacht with a whole crew of cuties bringing me whatever I needed... but I regress... There is little support above the 5.50 range so it may well test that with any market down turn, but IF CKSW has a decent Qtr than this thing will bounce hard... They could be putting out some word within 3 weeks... so I would wait for that, see what this qtr looks like and what their plans for succession are now... all this will surely be discussed during the upcoming Qtr CC... Ol' Moshie has some explaining to do... I just hope he doesn't get a bunch of softball questions... then again, there may not be any analysts still following this thing by then...

      All the best to you...


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      • Here is my prediction:

        Click will report a loss again this quarter as well. Exactly how much I would speculate 1 penny per share.

        When the quarterly earnings report come out, they will also announce the appointment of a new CEO.

        So in a way the news of a new CEO will neutralize the quarterly loss (at least temporarily).

        By after the earnings report the stock will be well into low $5's / high $4's.

        Disclaimer: Of course I have proven to be wrong many many times in the past. But at this time above is what I so strongly speculate to be the case.

    • For software companies with three weeks to go in the quarter, its too early to know if they missed their numbers.
      Many deals close in the last week of the quarter.
      Regardless, there is a seller that wants out. His reasons are not well known. Maybe he was a big fan of Carmeli or does not think Ben Bassat can lead the company by himself.

      For myself, I would like to see a new CEO not from Click's current roster.
      If Ben Bassat retires and they hire someone great, the stock can jump 20% in one day.

      Click is trading at market cap when they used to sell 50M a year and had 20M in the bank.
      The intrinsic value of Click is much higher than the current prices.

      I think the pressure is mounting on Ben Bassat to sale the company and he will work to improve the bottom line.

      If you strongly believe we will see 5s, don't buy yet.
      I know of an investor that wants to buy up to 10% of the Click if the stock price hits $5.5...

      Time will tell,

      The Gunner

      Sentiment: Buy

    • vo2macs Sep 11, 2013 3:31 PM Flag

      Somebody started buying the #$%$ out it at about 2:45 and did nit let up until about 3:05. I wish them the BEST of luck!

    • There appears to be firm support in the mid fives. I would start there UNLESS the third quarter is a bust and estimates come down. What news has there been to give any confidence??? People on this board just want to hang on sooooo badly all the way down. That's the suckers play hoping things change. All you need is for soros to go down the list after the third quarter "dump this one, dump that one, click isn't working, dump that......" and we could very well be in the fours. So far people on the sidelines have made the correct call. The purpose of investing is to make money, not get emotionally involved and lose it.

    • The downward slope is still firmly in place. What do you think you might miss??? More losses?? You don't always have to be doing something with your money.

    • estimates say they are supposed to earn .03 .. is that just bs ?.. .13 next quarter .. if that's true then the time to buy this dung is now I would think .. if they lost .07 last quarter and are actually pulling a profit this quarter , the stock wont stay down here . it was that last pile of crud quarter that screwed everyone .

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