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  • spades_falcons spades_falcons Nov 28, 2006 2:43 PM Flag

    Patience Fullterm, - Patience.....

    lets get something straight Sano.. I think you are a low life.. Youre a proven LIAR. Now as far as my post on the Ford board goes. I am quite proud of them for unlike you Sano. I don't games, I don't lie and I say what I feel with thought of what you or anyone else may think.
    I know you and your democrats friends trully believe freedom of speech only apllies to you democrats, but i was raised it is ok if I exspress myself also.
    Now I am beyond glad that you invited the Columbia Lab message board to review my post. It only further proves my point to all that own Columbia stock.
    You feel a need to trash me because I have exposed you for the piece of sh_t shorter you are. Yoour a LIAR sano... I know it you know it and most everyone on this message board knows it.. Keep attacking the messengers sano..It only proves you cannot attack their message..

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    • Just exactly what message are your telling by psotin 50 times over and over the same message? Your rants and raves are just plain lunacy. So you hate Gays, Democrats, ...who else. Do you hate Italians, Jews, or Mexicans? How do feel about Toaster Ovens?

      You don't discuss the merits of the stock all you do is spew out your nasty assaults on everyone who doesnt agree with you. Well pardon me but I will keep thrashing you through the end time If you keep up your trash talking. No problem for me...your an easy mark. Clean up your mouth and discuss the merits and I'll leave you alone otherwise you'll get back what you deal out in spades.

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