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  • catjonny31 catjonny31 Mar 15, 2013 12:26 PM Flag


    do you have a position in cbrx long or short here? tia

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    • You don't see my point??? Their deal with Merck will be WORTH MUCH LESS soon! Also, do you trust this lying moron to negotiate a decent deal going forward? What incentive does Merck have based on what is disclosed here?


      Short a 60 cent're kidding right? I've posted here to see if there was someone who might know something that I do not know or could refute what I have posted. Since most all here appear to be pretty much CLUELESS and keyed in only to the daily movement of the stock I can see the effort was wasted.

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      • tonkin with all due respect i think your thinking on the extension of the merck serono deal being significantly less is way way too negative. Merck has directed their initiative to build out crinone and the drug is not an easy one to make. Their incentive is the capitalization necessary to bring this production in house is very significant. I am not willing to take u on with respect to PTB......the FDA seems to have apathy towards providing approval for now. And it is a much different biz than it ever was. But this operation can be streamlined a bit more and can generate 2-3 mm per qtr in cash from its core operations. The house isnt on fire here.

      • tonkin...are you the same tonkin from the kv pharma message board?

      • have stated quite passionately you feel ptb is DEAD..if that is the case there is not much here for you..the way you feel cbrx is a complete waste of your time..i could give you 50 other stocks that have better poetential if you feel this comp's ptb birth drug is ko' far as all the info you pull out from deals negotiated in the past you seem to always assume the other side of the arrangement will up and go their own way? maybe so i just dont feel you or i have the answer for a deal that expires in over two just seems you are very negative and even excited about being you mention to be short this stock here is a bit odd, but ive seen bottom line to you is if you are positive ptb is dead then cbrx, while having limited downside, has limited upside as well..hence stock flatlines at 60c for a year..

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