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  • citamar citamar Dec 9, 2013 10:37 PM Flag

    Thinking Out Loud

    I assume ACT still has a 1.5 million share stake in CBRX (after split). Since Condella is apparently a pawn for ACT, could they have told Condella to tank the company so ACT could come in later and buy it all for nothing? Say like when the stock gets to about $1?

    That would explain why Condella hardly goes to work, over pays for a foreign company and basically does nothing to increase shareholder value.

    Does this logic work or am I missing something?

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    • cit, i'm sure we all thought the same point, over a year ago? if so, why wait? it is going on 2 years now since the jan 20th 2012 debacle..unfortunately i think with kasnet as chmn he just lets these ceos hang out, do nothing, they all keep getting paid and shareholders pay the price..was the same with mills as was near his end of the road where i was on this board slamming him daily till he finally got the for condella either this molecular deal has more to it and it works or this guy is out too..we need this Luzich firm on their case..heck they buy 500k shares and lame butt condella buys 5k shares? i mean this guy doesnt even get that buying 5k shares is worse than not buying any shares at all..

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      • cat, I'm amazed that ACT would just sit there and watch their investment go to pot and allow Condella not to show up for work and get paid what he does. After 35 years of investing, I've learned to trust NO ONE in the market. There is so much utter greed and manipulation in the market. I've seen it all.

        I'm a Republican, but it really bothers me to see this fat cat greedy bastar#$ rip off the rest of us. Meanwhile millions of people go to bed hungry every night. Not right.

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