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  • antiquebern antiquebern Jul 19, 2012 10:20 AM Flag

    long again via options

    look at crazy premium PRX got in buyout.
    Endp is "king of pain" in rx world I could see some monster drug co wanting them and if not she is cheap here on her own.

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    • interactivebrokerssucks20soon interactivebrokerssucks20soon Aug 9, 2012 12:25 AM Flag

      They need to fire everyone involved in upper management, I would rather have my doc write me the Opana 10mg IR, the ER's suck

      But I will only do it if I can get the round pink endo brand pill and that means I have to be able to find it. Since I can't count on anything staying how it should with Endo, I have to call around and look like an addict and say I need 180 of the Endo pharm 10mg IR, they have to be Endo brand name, not qualitest, the pharmacy took it upon themselves to fill my soma that I always get as Watson as that garbage pill company qualitest.

      Now I am hearing that both qualitest and xanodyne make a generic 10mg IR opana that are just as good as Endo and much cheaper, Endo is 6 something a pill for 10mg ir opana and like 1 or 2 for the generic. Now immediately I write the qualitest off as pure SUCK as everything they do sucks, a bunch of fillers no real dope in them.

      In fact only ENDO and PURDUE PHARMA 4 and 8 dilaudid have real dope in them. In florida everybody has such a high tolerance you can't give the generic dilaudids away but people pay crazy amounts for the brand, the best 30 seconds then it is gone.

      I would have to be able to find the Opana 10mg IR 6 months in a row with no problems for you to convince me Endo can do anything right. In india they show on tv 10 years of heroin, opium, enough to keep the entire world high for ten years and yet Endo can't make enough for the herniated discs in my back and 70% of the cartilage in my spine being gone or useless.

      And I want to be able to get my Endo opana 10mg ir at walgreens or rite aid and not have to drive all over town or city to city, you see someone always blabs their mouth complaining and when the mom and pop pharmacies here everyone is out of the Opana or the oxycodone 30mg or dilaudid 8mg brand, they price gauge like gas stations do with the pump. You can get them online with a script but many times doctors frown at this, then want to write you less.

      I get 180 oxycodone 30mg a month, use to get 300 and 2 bottles of oxydose for breakthru pain, my friend and his mom were getting 18o oxycodone 30mg and 150 dilaudid 8mg for breakthru pain, but that is florida, I'm in Colorado now though I here the pain clinics are getting good in Georgia and texas.

      I am going to ask to get my 180 split to 90 opana 10mg and 90 dilaudid 8mg instead of the oxycodone but first I got to make sure people have what I want or I got to wait on online order.

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