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  • bobbobwhite bobbobwhite Jun 11, 2009 12:19 PM Flag

    Lumber to Asia v packaging biz here

    America/Canada sends the majority of wood pulp production for paper products to Asia(China, Japan mostly)where they make their own packaging materials from it and then send these materials right back here covering exported consumer products, thereby undercutting our own national paper products industry. Is this robbing Peter to pay Paul?

    This seemingly unsound function of our capitalistic system is, of course very short sighted, as most American business practices have become(get those foreign dollars now before someone else does!)since the 80's, and greatly harms our domestic paper products business to make money for another(wood products)domestic industry that serves foreign interests at the expense of American paper companies.

    Selling to-order or bulk domestic paper products to Asia instead of easily enabling them to make their own certainly would benefit BZ and others, but what protection does this industry have as another American industry aids Asian businesses at the expense of the domestic paper(and metals, cars, ad infinitum)business?

    None at all, as it's all put up or shut up these days, and the survival of the cheapest global provider no matter where it comes from and who/what it hurts here.

    Something is inherently wrong and tragic in that practice to me, and I fear great economic and social consequences as it all plays out down the road.