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  • holywallst holywallst May 2, 2011 9:54 AM Flag

    Its No products/svcs, only mom/pop info?

    For God's sake, I have seen over pumped stocks. But at least they provide cutting edge technology products or services, or they are in Biotech fields finding cure for diseases, but here we have

    Hey guys, your mamma's name is Jane, and your dadda is John. Now PUMP us all the way and increase our market cap by 250M in a day. And then I got a bridge to nowhere to sell you as well since you are eating up this hot air and paying top $$ for it. Wait till funds hit SELL orders and ring the registers. All you shall hear is the sound of cha-ching cha-ching, cha-ching

    In 3 days, ALL VOLUME shall disappear, at least on buying side

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    • >>>>i don't care about leadership greed; not interested in that social issue.....Just interested in how the business does along with the stock movement.<<<<

      well, my deeply held belief is that those two objectives are closely related and necessarily cause and effect.

      capability and integrity in leadership is the best predictor of success. companies grow or shrink to the size of their leadership almost regardless of products and markets.
      thinking that MSFT, GOOG, AMZN DELL APPL BRK-A would have become giants with anyone at the top is wrong headed. they are great companies primarily because of giant thinkers Gates, Paige and Brin, Besos, Dell, Jobs, and Buffett. Buffett, form whence i got this notion, tells us the best single indicator of management integrity is modest compensation. ACOM flunks. and remember the share buyback represents dilution! and only tries to partially offset the excessive shares gifted to execs and recently sold.

      excess comp is the single biggest reason the S &P 500 is down 20% from 11 years ago, not counting real decline from inflation effect. CEOs were paid 700% greater than 30 years earlier, robbing EPS and shareholders.

      invest in no company where the CEO loves himself and hates his shareholders. ACOM has proven itself one of the bad guys in this regard

    • >>>>Unless you are long (since you stated you are not short), I don't why you would be interested in this stock.<<<<

      there you go again, focused on one's motivation. i am interested because i'm interested which is the only honest answer anyone can give. in any case no one here should feel the need to explain.

      i am interested in good analysis. everyone comes from a different place.

    • you short again??

      I thought you had covered.

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      • everyone who has a different belief than you is a short to you. that is gratuitous and the usual ad hominem attacks by those with not much to offer.

        graveyards are filled with companies in history who had a quick start on an emerging global trend. that includes hundreds of auto makers, thousands of airlines. buffett stays away from these companies because as he said, he doesn't know who the winners will be. ACOM has a head start; so did Word Perfect! but word perfect, which had a monopoly, overpaid their execs just like ACOM is doing...which is the clearest sign of internal corruption. there is a stench inside ACOM and the best mid term hope is a buyout, imo.

        yahoo had a big head start in search....oops.

        rotten leadership can screw up a seemingly sure thing. is an expample of a company that did not take their quick start for granted, and exceptional leadership has caused that firm to florish thru nearly 2 decades.

        sullivan is no jeff besos. neither is he steve jobs, bill gates, larry and sergy. and he is not humble enough to know that. modest exec comp is the single best indicator of ceo integrity.

        look at the options man. you think the buyback means beans? it won't even soak up a fraction of the dilution caused b exec options.

    • cutting edge technology or services? Have you seen OPEN? Pay a subscription and they'll get you info on open tables at restaurants. I mean really? You can't pick up a phone and make reservations? Or if the place is full, you can't look up another place on your own w/o their service? If that's cutting edge service, then anytime I call someone on the phone then I must be embarking on major cutting edge service especially when I use my call to do something for free that others pay for. Yet, OPEN is performing well.

      ACOM and OPEN may both have services that I might not be interested in. But I'm way more likely to use ACOM than pay for a service to find me a place to eat.