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  • marchansing marchansing Feb 16, 2012 9:31 AM Flag

    I want to say "thank you"

    I'm used to seeing a lot of negativity and bashing on these message boards. With only a few exceptions, I have seen some really intelligent and meaningful dialogue here since yesterday. I think it's much better knowing that people out here are trying to help others make good decisions. Thank you.

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    • Ditto to Marchandsing.

      Based on one of your questions, I'm looking at a different way to compute future growth rates. I've always used past numbers and computed CAGR from that. But I noticed yesterday that if I look at the forecast 12 months in the future for the regression that fits best, 30% past doesn't result in 30% in the future.

      Buying when the stock was so far below the predicted value always gave me a big margin of safety, but the behavior of the markets these days are much more uncertain, especially in the short term. It's not working on this one, yet.


    • Now if people would just open up there minds and listen, maybe everyone can learn a thing or two instead of trying to cheerlead theie position and look foolish like many did last night and this morning. It's all about understanding that we ALL can be wrong and putting ignorant comments up like this thing will never drop to 25 tomorrow or this thing will never hit 26 again today just make you look foolish and show how short sighted you must be. Good luck all