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  • stuckinamobile stuckinamobile Apr 28, 2012 1:37 AM Flag

    Why Ancestry is liable for Social Security Number Fraud

    One of the reason subscription MIGHT...and I do say MIGHT have gone up is because every identity theif in the world uses Ancestry to steal and use Social Security numbers of your relatives and family members to comit financial frauds.

    I have verified that Ancestory not only has the correct SOCIAL SECIURITY NUMBER of both of my deceased grandparents, they also disclose their personal information to anyone. If the Government was doing this, disclosing personal information and tax identifiction numbers, the public would be up in arms. But Ancestry freely sells this information to would be identity theives to create false tax returns, obtain fraudulent tax refunds, purcheae good they never pay for, and apply for credit cards and then disappear for you and law enforcement to sort out and clean up and us individuals to pay for. If you or a family menber has been a victim of identity theft, you know the headaches I am referring to that Ancestry sells and silently promotes.

    I do not think is is too far away that families and victims of identity theft begin suing Ancestry for openly disclosing and selling this information. I think the legal liability of this web sight is unlimited and look forward to this company being closed down for releasing confidential information that is harming the public and leading to millions and millions in fraudulent tax refunds and credit fraud. In my opinion they are legally an acomplis to these thefts by disclosing individuals social security numbers and personal and confidential information.

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    • Actually, this is not true. The Social Security Numbers in the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) are released by the U.S. Government specifically to PREVENT identity theft. With the SSDI, when a social security number is used as part of a request for credit, or for any other thing where identity must be proved, the SSDI can be checked and fraudulent use is prevented. The SSDI only is for DECEASED people, who cannot be subjects of identity fraud.