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  • casperr_12 casperr_12 Aug 16, 2012 1:01 AM Flag

    Im betting we will have a buyout....

    Just my 2 cents…. Im betting we will have a buyout, and it will be more interesting than many think (more players). Yea the private equity, but maybe FB, GOOG, I would say ZNGA but they are not looking too good.

    My research points to a lot of this is coming down to the new ideas that I think a company called family odyssey are up to. Its basically a merging the farmville - sims type game thing with's data. Could be huge.

    Also we got the same company working on the deal, that did the motorola - google deal + lots more. Defiantly the right people.

    Well see, but im optimistic.

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    • When you are out pushing for a deal you don't get much of a premium.

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      • I believe they went out looking for other bids because a private equity firm had approached them with an offer. Probably it was Providence because they were rumored to have made an offer (either to the company or to Spectrum [to take over their shares]) a couple of years ago. So they weren't pushing for a deal here; they were saying that since we have one legitimate bidder, why not begin an auction.

      • Fair enough, but Frank Quattrone’s - Qatalyst Partners LLC has a good history for getting top dollar.

        By they way I talked to someone at ACOM today and the confirmed that the buzz at the company is that things are about to change. No one super important or anything but sounded like not just a bunch of hype- BS.

        But I do thing those articles about them shopping themselves around was a bunch of hype to prop up the stock price into negotiations. You do want you got to do. Close some deals on competitors, leak some buyout stuff, deliver some good numbers, see what you can make happen. Could backfire.

        My guess would be between $37-$50 buyout. Im playing it with options; but I see some merit to some long stock people on this board thinking this could be a $100 stock someday without a deal.

        With all things we will see what happens.