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  • enleib2002 enleib2002 Oct 22, 2012 9:18 AM Flag

    stealing the company

    No one should be celebrating the buyout of $32/share. This price is too low for this company when you look at the metrics and comparables. They will probably do north of 2.25 a share next year in earnings. If your ceo and cfo are buyers of the company do you think they are looking to pay a high price or a low price? Conspiring with the two equity groups to take this company private a $32 a share should raise a lot of concern with shareholders. This company is worth much more. Don't be surprised if you see this company come public again in two years at much higher prices. This will benefit the private equity groups involved but not the shareholders. I understand the dislike for wall street and the rules you need to play by when your a public company, but this deal is not good for current shareholders.

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    • Let's see how they underwhelm wall street with their earnings release tomorrow. Should be interesting to see the numbers they release. may give the attorney's more to look at.

      Two more quarters of growth, resume the buy back, and the announcement of the show returning to a cable channel would have this company pushing $40 dollars a share.